Benefit Cheek Parade | REVIEW


Can you believe I’ve never tried a Benefit blusher or bronzer before? As a self-confessed makeup addict, I thought it was a bit shocking really. Benefit blush and bronzer boxes are cult favourites so when they launched the Cheekathon palette (last year?) I really wanted to get my hands on it. Unfortunately I never got around to purchasing it and then it seemed to be limited edition so I missed the boat.

For my birthday back in July, I got a very generous voucher for Boots from my Nain (aka Welsh grandmother). Whenever I receive a voucher or birthday money, I don’t like to waste it on lots of little bits which I could just pick up myself so I wanted to splurge on something I wouldn’t usually buy. I was just browsing online and I remembered that they sell Benefit and remembered that they had launched a new palette like the Cheekathon. One side note, did you know you can’t pay with vouchers online with Boots? How stupid is that?!  Luckily they had plenty in my local store so I went to pick one up.

The palette is priced at £49.50 and is available here. As I said, I wouldn’t have bought this for myself but I was really happy to treat myself using the voucher. That being said, I think it’s actually a pretty decent deal. The palette contains 5 full sized products and a brush (not a brush that I’ll ever use, but it’s in there). Individually they are £24.50 so you really are getting a bargain.  Two of the products are brand new too, Galifornia and Hoola Lite. The other products are Hoola, Dandelion and Rockateur.

My first thoughts about the palette is how great it’d be for travelling, even though it’s pretty bulky, because it has everything I’d need to go with several different looks.


Benefit Cheek Parade blusher bronzer palette brush review


From swatching, it looks like Hoola is going to be a good bronzer shade for me so I’m looking forward to trying that out. Hoola Lite though, I think that’s going to be way too light but I can definitely use it as an eyeshadow transition shade and for blending out other shadows. Again, I love that it’ll be a multipurpose palette so it’ll be good for travelling. I’m actually away this weekend so I will be taking it with me. I have actually used Dandelion and loved the fresh flush of colour it gave me. Plus I found that it lasted all day, when blush is usually the first thing to wear off me. I’m yet to try Galifornia and Rockateur but from the swatches and other reviews I’ve seen, I just know I’ll love them. Galifornia has a NARS Orgasm look about it and Rockateur looks like something I’ll get a lot of use out of in Autumn / Winter as it has a brownish undertone on my skin.


Benefit Cheek Parade blusher bronzer palette brush review swatches


Overall first impressions on this palette are very, very good! I’m so glad I finally have it in my collection and I’m looking forward to using all the shades.

Have you tried any Benefit blushes or bronzers? If so, which would you recommend I try next? Let me know in the comments below!

Thank you so much for reading
Rhi xx



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