(Another) Glossier Haul | REVIEW


Another Glossier review in a sea of Glossier reviews might be superfluous (gold star for using that word please). I also did not purchase any where near as much as other hauls I’ve seen. But all that aside, I bought some stuff and I want to review it, alright?

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I have to admit, I didn’t know a great deal about Glossier until their UK launch was all anyone could talk / blog about so I went in blind. I’m much more in a skincare mood than makeup at the minute and truth be told, none of the makeup looked very exciting so I went for skincare only on this occasion. I have since seen shining reviews of Boy Brow and Wowder so I will probably get them at some point.

The main products which sparked my interest were the Milky Jelly Cleanser, the Balm Dotcoms and the Priming Moisturizer, so when I saw them all bundled together in the Phase 1 Set it went straight into my basket. In this set you get the choose which flavour balm so I went for mint as it’s my absolute favourite flavour of lip balm. The set costs £35 which gives you a cheeky saving of £8, and is available here.

My order was dispatched and delivered very quickly, and the packaging really impressed me. I love the pink bubble wrap pouch which the products came in, definitely something I’ll keep for travelling as it’s a good size and is waterproof (leak proof!). It’s nice to have something which can be reused rather than just a disposable bag.

In terms of the actually product packaging, it all looks very plain and almost clinical. Call me weird, but this is something I really love in my skincare as it tricks me into thinking it’s scientific and all the effort has gone into what’s inside rather than fancy packaging. I want my makeup to look glitzy and gorgeous, but I want my skincare to look medical! That’s what put me off the makeup to be honest, it all looked a bit basic which made me think it’d be very natural and that isn’t really my vibe.

The Milky Jelly Cleanser was the first thing I tried out. I used it as my first cleanse and I found it removed most of my makeup easily. I don’t usually remove my mascara in this way as I have very sensitive eyes but I did give it a go just for a thorough review and it definitely didn’t get it all off but made a good start, making it easier to remove the remains with my micellar water later on. It did make my eyes sting a little but, like I said, this wasn’t a deal breaker as I won’t usually use it on my eyes. It did leave my skin feeling soft and clean without feeling dry or tight.

The Balm Dotcom in Mint is everything I wanted it to be. I mean, how much can I really say in a review for a balm? I know a lot of people use these balms on a number of things, not just as a lip balm but I’ve not tried any of that just yet. It hydrates my lips really nicely, even when the change in temperature usually leaves me chapped AF. The mint is pretty strong to begin with which I personally love, but that fades after a few minutes.

The last thing I tried was the Priming Moisturizer. I wasn’t sure I’d get on with this as my skin is oily and I thought this would be too dewy for me but it’s actually not bad at all. Yes, it’s more dewy than my usual moisturisers but it feels more hydrating which is never a bad thing. I decided to use this one product in place of my usual moisturiser and primer and I expected my makeup to be sliding off my face by lunchtime but it stayed really well. It hasn’t replaced my current moisturiser altogether but it’s nice for a change every few days.

When you place an order, Glossier give you a recommend a friend 10% code so you’ll probably see a million discount codes floating around social media. But, if you haven’t seen any and would like to save some coin, feel free to use my link and head over to the Glossier website here.

Overall, I’m pretty impressed with the three things I’ve tried and it has whetted my appetite to try some more products. Any suggestions of your top products would be greatly appreciated, so do let me know in the comments below.

Thank you so much for reading

Rhi xx


10 thoughts on “(Another) Glossier Haul | REVIEW

    1. It might not be a problem for most people, like I said I’m overly sensitive!! It’s definitely worth checking out xxx


  1. I had never heard about this brand before until I saw your review, but the packaging appealed to me instantly. When it comes to skincare I totally agree with you on that it somehow feels better if the packaging looks a bit clinical, like you can trust it in another way… I am definitely going to check that balm out, I can’t seem to find anything to save my lips from the crisp air this fall which kind of sucks considering my stubborness to wear lipstick all the time, ruining my poor lips even more for every time I do. Hopefully that will change soon 🙂

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