Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette | REVIEW


If you follow me on Instagram (I mean, if you don’t…you should do so here) you might have seen me hauling the Urban Decay Naked Heat palette in my recent Instagram Stories. You will also have heard my excitement at finally having my hands on this palette. It’s definitely one I’ve had my eye on since it launched last year but couldn’t fully justify buying as it wasn’t different enough from anything else in my collection. But you know how it is, the January sales start, you’ve got some Christmas money burning a hole in your pocket, the stars align and you splurge #NoRegrets.

Palette edited

I bought the palette from Feel Unique for £35.55 while it had 10% but at the time of writing this, it’s gone back to full price (available here) but is it worth it?

I really wish I’d bought this palette at the start of Autumn last year as although I have similar eyeshadows which could create the same sorts of looks, to have had one palette to cover all bases would have been so much better. Oh well, not only do I intend on hanging on to Autumn / Winter makeup for another couple of months, I am also looking forward to next Autumn already.

Although the shade range is not particularly varied, it is beautiful. If you’re looking for a palette with which to create loads of different looks, cool toned, warm toned, colours to go with any outfits, this ain’t it. Maybe have a look at Morphe palettes if that’s what you need – FYI absolutely not knocking Morphe, their palettes are some of my absolute faves. But if you’re looking for a solid go-to warm eyeshadow palette then this is the one for you. With a mix of red, orange, brown, copper and bronze, mattes and shimmers, light to dark, this palette is perfect for any skin tone.

Palette pans edited

The shades are described as: Ounce (ivory shimmer), Chaser (light nude matte), Sauced (soft terracotta matte), Low Blow (brown matte), Lumbre (copper shimmer w/gold pearl shift), He Devil (burnt red matte), Dirty Talk (metallic burnt red), Scorched (metallic deep red w/gold micro-shimmer), Cayenne (deep terracotta matte), En Fuego (burgundy matte), Ashes (deep reddish-brown matte), Ember (deep metallic copper-burgundy). You’ll see them swatched below, but backwards from the descriptions – helpful Rhi!

Swatches edited

As I’ve said before, the lightest shades tend to camouflage on my skin tone but Ounce and Chaser swatched beautifully, and really do stand out on the eyes. Shades like Cayenne and En Fuego look a little patchy in the swatches but again, on the eyes, they are very pigmented and don’t take much to build them up.

After the epic failure of the ABH Subculture palette last year, I now measure palettes on the fallout, blend-ability and layer-ability of the shadows. I’ve found this palette to have a little fallout but no more than any other eyeshadows I use. The shadows blend really easily and flawlessly, just like my other favourite UD Naked 3 palette. I find quite often that I have to blend for ages to prevent any harsh lines in my crease, but I can always rely on UD shadows to look effortless. Finally, the layering of the shadows – do they go muddy like the ABH palette? Absolutely not! They layer perfectly to create depth and intensity. Overall, a win in all categories.

I absolutely adore this palette and know I’ll find myself reaching for it constantly for the foreseeable future. It’s also made me want to check out the other Naked palettes which I don’t already have, in fact I definitely have my eye on the Naked Vault (this one) but I might have to put it on my birthday list as I’m on a strict no-buy this year.

Have you got / tried this palette? If so, what are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments below. Thank you so much for reading…

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