How To Fake Dewy Skin


It is a truth universally acknowledged, that with cold weather comes dry skin. Now I’m an oily girl, and I’m a fan of a matte base as it’s less likely to slide off my face throughout the day. But during winter months my skin does become dry in patches and this doesn’t mix well with a matte finish as it makes my skin look scaly.

In the Summer, my natural oils peek through to give a more healthy glow but in the colder months you have to find ways to fake it. So today, I’m sharing with you my favourite illuminators, which you can use under or mixed with foundation, to add some dew to dry skin.

Flat Lay 2

Niod Photography Fluid Opacity 12% | £20 | available here

If you’re a Jamie Genevieve fan, you’ll be familiar with this product but I bought it a couple of years ago now when I heard (I think, but don’t quote me on it) Anna, aka The Anna Edit, talking about it. I remember assuming it’d be some mega expensive and then found it was only about £16 so I bought it straight away. Now the price seems to have gone up and so has the hype. But this product is worth every penny. I apply this before foundation and it gives an ethereal glow through even the most matte foundation. As the name suggests, it makes skin look flawless in photos – if you’re a selfie lover, you need this product.


Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Moonstone | £34 | available here

By far the most expensive pick of the bunch. Honestly, I probably wouldn’t be in a hurry to buy the full size of this, no matter how pretty it is. That being said, I’ve had this travel / sample size for aaaages because a little goes a long way – as you’ll see below, the swatch on the right of my hand was from a tiny little dot which I blended out. This is a true all-star product – it makes an amazing illuminating base, it mixes perfectly in with foundation to make a matte product more dewy and it doesn’t mess up your makeup when you apply it on top as a highlighter. It might make a good addition to a Christmas / Birthday wishlist if it’s not something you can justify buying for yourself.


Collection Illuminating Touch Liquid Radiance | £5.99, currently £3.99 | available here

This one is described as a liquid highlighter but honestly I would never use it that way. When I tried this over my foundation it didn’t settle nicely at all. But as an illuminating primer, it’s beautiful. It feels like a mattifying primer as it has almost a liquid to powder finish. This makes it perfect for adding some luminosity without looking like a greaseball. I also like using this on bare skin to add some dew.


Urban Decay Naked Skin Highlighting Fluid in Sin | £19, currently £9.50 | available here

This is my current favourite of the bunch – I’ve been using this every day as my liquid highlighter. I hauled this recently on my Instagram stories and spoke about how I didn’t realise these were even a thing. I’d seen Sin in powder form but didn’t know there were liquid versions in the same packaging as the Naked Skin concealers. I cannot believe how well this lasts throughout the day. I can apply this in the morning and by the time I go to take my makeup off before bed, it’s still going strong as looking as good as it did in the morning. Not only can this be used on its own, but it makes a good liquid base for a powder highlight to make it even more blinding. I definitely want to try more of these.

Urban Decay

L’Oreal Paris Merry Metals Glow Drops | £9.99 | available here

Products like this have been super popular since Cover FX Drops launched last year, and although I’m yet to try that particular brand, I’m loving these ones. The drop below almost looks like liquid metal, it doesn’t have chunky glitter in it like some other ones I’ve tried. Another all rounder liquid illuminator which I’ve used as a primer, mixed with foundation but my favourite use is as a liquid highlighter. The shade of this one is different to most other liquid illuminators I own, as it’s more pink than golden. If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative to the Cover FX Drops, definitely check these out.


Botanics All Bright Radiance Balm | £7.99, currently £5.99 | available here

The most subtle of the bunch, but this is my absolute favourite for non-makeup days. It’s not glittery but still manages to brighten my skin to the point where my dull skin looks much more healthy without makeup. It’s on offer more often than not, and I think it’s such an underrated hidden gem in the Botanics range.


So if you’re looking to add some much needed glow to dry winter skin, then these are the products I swear by. What are your top tips to add some luminosity at this time of year? Let me know in the comments below. Thank you so much for reading…

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