My Most Expensive Face of the Day


I was scrolling though Twitter earlier this week and I don’t know what sparked it but I had a *ping blog post idea* moment. This hasn’t happened very often in my blogging life – I don’t consider myself to be a very innovative or creative person, I just like talking about makeup and stuff. Now, I’m not saying that this has never been done before, in fact there’s probably a tag going around but I haven’t seen any posts of this nature before so I’m going with it.

The idea is to look through my collection and put together a full face of makeup using all my most expensive products. It will be a two part series (does two constitute a series?!), with the second part coming next week. The second part will be the opposite end of the spectrum, a full face using, yep you guessed it, my least expensive products. I’m toying with the idea of doing a third part with a half and half makeup look to compare the two to see whether it’s worth spending more on certain products – now that I have seen before, but they’re more ‘a full face of dupes’ type posts.


I’ll preface this by saying I know I don’t have all the most expensive makeup out there – you’ll see no La Mer powder or Natasha Denona eyeshadow palettes in this post. But I do like to buy Urban Decay, MAC and Anastasia Beverly Hills products and even the price difference between these and drugstore can be huge. I think it’ll be quite interesting to tally up the full cost of these products vs the cheaper products in my next post. So let’s see…

Yves Saint Laurent Touche Éclat Blur Primer | £29.50 | available here

A new addition to my collection, I must admit I bought this on impulse when I was buying something else from YSL. I just couldn’t resist the golden goodness and it felt really smoothing on my hand. I’ve got a full review on this coming up so I won’t go into my thoughts just yet.

Beauty Blender Pro Black | £16 | available here

A damp beauty sponge is my absolute favourite way of applying my foundation when I want it to look flawless. I don’t use it every day (purely because I’m too lazy to go and dampen it in the bathroom by the time I’ve remembered that I need to). You’ll see in my next post what my cheaper alternative sponge is, and *spoiler alert* I actually prefer the cheaper one!

Yves Saint Laurent All Hours Foundation | £33.50 | available here

This is what I actually went to buy from YSL when I also got the primer. I’d heard nothing but good things about this foundation so after Christmas I went on a mission to buy it. Again, there’s a review coming soon but all I’ll say is I really like this foundation.

Tarte Shape Tape Concealer | £28.02 | available here

Hands down the best concealer I’ve ever tried. I mentioned it in my The Best of 2017 post (read it here) and there’s not a lot more that I can say about it that hasn’t been said before except, it’s worth every penny. I wouldn’t think twice about reordering once my current tube is finished.

Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder | £29 | available here

I’ve pretty much stopped using setting powder of late because I realised that when I get oily, the powder starts to cake and makes me look atrocious. But on the occasions that I do decide to powder, this is my go to. It’s very finely milled and sets my makeup without making me look 100 years old.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz | £22 | available here

Up until recently this was my holy grail eyebrow pencil, but you might’ve seen on a couple of other posts and my Instagram (if you’re not already, do follow me here) that a much cheaper alternative has stolen my heart. I definitely still love and use the ABH but now I save it for special occasions.

Benefit Gimme Brow | £20 | available here

When I just cannot be bothered to shape and fill in my brows properly, this is the only product I’ll reach for. It adds fibres which thicken my brows and has a tiny which I can almost paint on to fill in gaps so it makes my brows look a million times better. It comes in such a tiny bottle though, and I do begrudge paying £20 for it when it’s time to repurchase. Any dupe recommendations would be much appreciated.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette | £43 | available here

Like I said already, I would love this to be a Natasha Denona palette but I just don’t have the funds for that. I toyed with splurging on one when I was in Vegas at the end of last year, but in the end (and under the watchful eye of my judgey husband) I really couldn’t justify it. But the Modern Renaissance palette is still incredible. I knew as soon as I saw the colour scheme before it launched, I had to have it. I know ABH have had their ups and downs in terms of eyeshadow formula, but this one is definitely the best they’ve ever made and worth every penny in my eyes.

Yves Saint Laurent ‘Dessin Du Regard’ Eye Pencil | £21 | available here

OK, I got this in an advent calendar at work – every December a few of us all put in some money to buy an advent calendar and then we get about 3 doors each. I always seem to get an eyeliner and for once, I’m really happy I did. This eyeliner is creamy, pigmented and super long-lasting. If you’d have told me a couple of months ago that I would happily spend £21 to buy an eye pencil, I’d have laughed in your face but seriously, when I run out of this one I will probably repurchase. I’ve been using this every day with a skinny liner brush and it doesn’t fade through the day at all.

Dior Addict It-Lash Mascara | £25.50 | available here

I remember the very first high-end purchase I made YEARS ago was a Dior mascara so I think I’ve always loved them. I don’t think I’ve ever tried one of their mascaras which I didn’t like. The brush on this one reminds me of Benefit They’re Real which is great for creating thick, almost clumpy lashes which I personally love! It’s definitely not my favourite mascara ever though, but it’s a good one if you want to treat yo’self.

MAC Extended Play Gigablack Lash Mascara | £15.50 | available here

I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve talked about this mascara. It is the ONLY mascara I will use on my bottom lashes. You might say it’s high maintenance to have a separate mascara exclusively for bottom lashes, but once you try this mascara you’ll understand why it’s an essential for any makeup bag. It doesn’t flake or crumble, it has a tiny wand which gets right into the lash line and separates lashes so you don’t end up with all your lashes stuck to each other. 100% would always repurchase this. I have tried ‘dupes’ but none of them come close.

Benefit Cheek Parade | was £49.50 | no longer available

I’m including this for Hoola as it’s the only high-end bronzer in my collection. It might be cheating as it’s not one single bronzer but it was still near on £50 for the palette. I don’t think you can get this anymore so I won’t say much more about it. I will just direct you to the full review here in case you’re interested.

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit | was £69 | no longer available

Again, is this cheating? I tried to compare this to an alternative blush palette I have in my collection (the Zoeva Nude Spectrum Blush Palette) which is only £15 so I decided I’m allowed to include this one for comparison. While I probably wouldn’t buy another Hourglass palette like this, I would definitely buy more single blushers from them. Luminous Flush and Mood Exposure are the BEST blushers I’ve ever used. I always feel like my makeup looks so much more flawless when I use them. They give a real healthy finish to the skin with just the right amount of pigment.

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed in Champagne Pop | £32 | available here

Another absolute favourite of mine. I’ve had this since it launched and you’d think it had never even been swatched. It’s so incredibly pigmented that you only need to tap your brush on the top to give a beautiful but blinding highlight to the skin. People went cray cray for this when it launched and it’s easy to see why. It has made me want to try more of Becca’s Shimmering Skin Perfectors in the future – next stop Moonstone.

MAC Lip Pencil in Boldly Bare | £13 | available here

Yes, £13 isn’t exactly sky high-end but when most of the other brands of lip liner I use are about £5 max, and the ones I’ll be featuring in my next post are much less than that even. Mac lip liners are some of the best you can buy. They’re long-lasting and the shade range is immense.

Tom Ford Lip Colour in Negligee | was £40 | no longer available

I’ve talked about this a few times before too. It’s my fanciest lippy and the one I feel is the most special in my huge collection. It helps that this is my perfect nude shade too, so I can pretty much get away with wearing with any makeup look. I do find it a teensy bit drying but it’s nothing compared to the Charlotte Tilbury one I mentioned in my The Worst of 2017 post (read it here). I do think £40 is an obscene amount for a lipstick in the grand scheme of things, but I would still buy more. It’s something to go on a Christmas or Birthday list, a great present for any other beauty lover or something I’d buy for myself if I really felt I deserved a treat!

Urban Decay De-Slick Setting Spray | £10 | available here

I almost didn’t include this as I only have the travel size of this, which was only £10 but again, I compared it to others in my collection which are around the £5-7 mark so it made sense to include it. Also, the full size it’s £23.50 which I do think is pretty steep. Honestly, I’m not completely sold on setting sprays. I don’t think they’re that essential and I always forget to use them. But if I had to pick one which I think does make a difference, it’s this one. I bought this for my wedding day makeup and I don’t think my makeup has ever help up so well.

So I’ve done the math and all these products, if used together would essentially give my face of the day a value of £496.52 – almost £500?! Individually, some of them might seem reasonably priced but added up that’s a surprising figure. I can’t wait to see the difference in My Least Expensive Face of the Day post.

How much do you think your most expensive face of the day would be worth? Let me know in the comments below. Thank you so much for reading…

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