My Least Expensive Face of the Day


This is part two of my post from last week My Most Expensive Face of the Day (read it here). The idea was to pick out my most expensive products from my collection and then tally up the full cost of a full face – the outcome was pretty eye opening. So here I am on the other end of the scale with my much more affordable face of the day.

Least Expensive Face of the Day

Collection Primed and Ready Mattifying Pore Minimiser | £3.99 | available here

I’ve spoken about this a few times now, it’s made it into favourites posts and empties. It’s not only the cheapest in my collection, but one of my absolute faves of all time. It’s a silicone feeling primer which I think does a decent job of keeping my oils at bay and also prolonging the wear of my foundations. This is an everyday primer, but not necessarily one I’d use for a night out as it’s not heavy duty enough!

Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge | £5.99 | available here

I gave a cheeky spoiler in the last post saying that I prefer this sponge to the original Beauty Blender so I guess I should explain myself. I love the shape of this sponge, the flat side is good for blending out under eye concealer and also for packing on setting powder to bake if you’re into that. It is slightly firmer than the BB which again, I prefer as it’s more durable when cleaning or if you’ve got pointed nails. Plus it’s an absolute steal and is often on offer.

Maybelline Fit Me Matte & Poreless Foundation | £6.99 | available here

This is another every day product which is really great for work or days out, but not something I’d reach for for an event or night out. I’d say it gives medium coverage which most of the time for me is enough, it’s not often I go for full coverage as it feels too heavy on my skin. It’s a very thin consistency but blends and spreads easily. I find it lasts well on my oily skin, especially when I use it with my Collection primer from above.

Essence Camouflage Full Coverage Concealer | £2.50 | available here

Up until very recently, the obvious choice for this category would have been the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer but there’s a newer and cheaper product in my collection. I bought this concealer at the end of last year after seeing / hearing countless positive reviews. I will have a full review of these concealers coming up soon so I won’t say too much now, other than I can’t believe this concealer is only £2.50!

MUA Skin Define Matte Perfect Loose Powder | £3 | available here

I went through a phase of only using this setting powder because it’s oil control is fantastic. I did stop using it though because as an under eye setting powder, I wouldn’t say it’s strictly translucent, it’s definitely got some shade to it. But now I don’t set my under eyes, I might have to whip it back out for setting my shine-prone areas.

e.l.f. Instant Lift Brow Pencil | £3 | available here

If I’m going for just a purse friendly eyebrow pencil I would pick the Lottie London Arch Rival Brow Artist every day of the week but if I’m just going for the cheapest one in my collection it’s the e.l.f. one. It’s not a bad eyebrow pencil it’s just nothing special. It’s quite a soft pencil and the tip is not as sharp as I’d like it to be, so it’s really difficult to get a clean, defined brow. If you’re blessed with thick, well defined brows that just need a bit of filling in, you’d have a bargain on your hands with this, but mine take a bit more sculpting so it’s just not tidy enough for me.

L’Oreal Brow Artist Plumper | £6.99 | available here

I will forever repurchase this. It’s a good price, it’s got great setting power, it’s a good shade and the wand is the perfect size and shape. What more can I say?

Collection Eyes Uncovered Palette in Nude | £3.99 | available here

I’ve got to be honest on this one, I haven’t really used this in a very long time! I recently went through all my cheaper palettes and gave them away to family and friends. But I did keep this one, because I remembered it was a good little palette. If your go-to look is a soft brown smoky eye then this palette won’t steer you wrong. And for just £3.99?!

Avon Color Trend Eyeliner | £2 | no longer available

I mentioned in my last post that I’ve been loving the YSL Dessin Du Regard Eyeliner Pencil but when I started gathering together my lower prices products, I found this one from Avon and started trying it out. This eyeliner pencil is super black, super creamy and super long-lasting. I said in my last post that I would seriously consider repurchasing the YSL one in the future but now I’ve tried this one, I don’t think I could justify it. I wouldn’t necessarily call it a dupe but I’d say it does the same job but better.  

Technic Get Lashed Volumising Mascara | £1.78 | available here

I received this little gem as a Christmas present because apparently I need to try it because I would love it. And I do! This ridiculously cheap mascara has it all. It’s lengthening, it’s separating but still looks natural. For the days when I don’t wear much makeup at all, I always reach for this just to give my lashes a lil’ somethin’ somethin’.

I Heart Makeup Bronze and Glow | £6 | available here

Here’s a two in one product that covers off my bronzer and my highlight because both shades are so amazing! The bronzer in this little duo is cool enough to contour with without looking ashy and warm enough to bronze with. It’s also a perfect crease colour so I use this a lot when I’m going for a natural makeup look. The highlighter admittedly is nothing spectacular but gives a really gorgeous golden glow to the skin. There are a couple more duos like this by I Heart Makeup which I definitely want to check out.

Rimmel Lasting Finish Mono Blush in Santa Rose | £3.99 | available here

I absolutely love this blusher – both in the formula and the shade. It’s an all-rounder shade which goes with any makeup look. No matter how much you put on, you can never go too far because it just builds to a peachy warmth. I used this continuously for months when I bought it and I still haven’t hit pan so for a tiny little compact it’s certainly good value for money.

Primark PS Love Lip Liner | £1 | available in store

The first time I saw these in store, I picked up a shade which looked just like MAC’s Soar and after trying it out, I went back and bought every shade costing me less than a tenner! These are some of the best lip liners I’ve ever tried. Yes, the shade range isn’t as good as MAC but I think the formula holds up against theirs.

Makeup Revolution Rose Gold Lipstick in Chauffeur | £3 | available here

I can’t resist trying bargain nude lipsticks and the Rose Gold collection from Makeup Revolution are some of my faves. The packaging feels like a lightweight version of MAC and to be honest, the formula is pretty close too. I really don’t think Makeup Revolution, and all the TAM Beauty brands for that matter, can put a foot wrong in my eyes. They’re amazing.

Rimmel Insta Fix and Go Setting Spray | £6.99 | available here

I did say in my last post that I’m not sold on setting sprays and this one is no exception. It’s got a nice spray to it, it smells pleasant enough, but I just don’t think it makes much of a difference to the longevity of my makeup I’m afraid.

So if you’ll recall from My Most Expensive Face of the Day post, it totaled almost £500. I am absolutely astonished at the difference in costs to My Least Expensive Face of the Day which comes to a tiny (in comparison anyway) £61.21. While there are some products in this bunch that I don’t really recommend, there’s definitely some bargain gems which can save you a lot of coins.

What are  your thoughts? Have you got any cheaper products than these that I need to check out? Or would you rather pay for higher end products? Let me know in the comments below. Thank you so much for reading…

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3 thoughts on “My Least Expensive Face of the Day

    1. I haven’t seen the matte one, I’ll keep an eye out. I bought an Essence lip liner at the same time as the concealer, it’s a retractable one and I think it’s called Plum Cake. I was really impressed with it xx


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