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When I was younger, my Mum discovered QVC and she was completely hooked! I very quickly learned about new brands and just exactly what the TSV was (Today’s Special Value – basically, their deal of the day). Now I’m quite similar to my Mum so I avoid watching QVC because they could be talking about anything and if I watch it for long enough, I’ll convince myself that I need it. But QVC have also got UK exclusivity for Tarte which means I do check out their site from time to time.

I was being really sensible in January and trying not to buy any more new makeup. But then I heard that QVC’S TSV was a Becca bundle and I just had to have a look. My only real experience with Becca is on their highlighting products, both powder and liquid and I love them. So when I saw the Complexion and Glow Collection, I was intrigued. Then I saw the price…

Becca 5 Piece Complexion & Glow Cosmetics Collection

This bundle is always available on QVC for £70 (available here) which is still a saving of over £30 if bought individually, but it was on offer for just £39.98. Sorry but no matter how good I was being, there was no way I was resisting that offer!

So in the collection you get:

  • Aqua Luminous Perfecting Foundation (30ml) in your choice of shade, I went for Light
  • Backlight Priming Filter (30g)
  • Liquid Crystal Glow Gloss in Opal x Jade (5g)
  • Under Eye Brightening Corrector (4.5g)
  • Mini Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Highlighter in Vanilla Quartz (2.4g)

Becca Aqua Luminous Perfecting Foundation | £34 | available here

Becca Aqua Luminous Foundation Swatch in Light

As I’ve said, I went for the shade Light and judging by the swatch above, you’ll see it’s not very light! It looks quite orange too, and I think it does oxidise slightly. I knew going in that this was a dewy foundation, which I usually avoid due to having very oily skin. But lately I’ve dabbled in less matte foundations so thought this might be OK. Now I’ve only tried this once, and I wanted to see it in all its dewy glory so I didn’t use a mattifying primer and I didn’t set it. After application it felt really sticky and after an hour’s wear I was looking like I’d had a chip pan facial. I couldn’t wait to get home to take it off. I’m yet to test it again with more mattifying products but I can safely say I won’t use it again without them!

Becca Backlight Priming Filter | £32 | available here

Becca Backlight Priming Filter Swatch

I have used this in conjunction with the foundation above and also with others. Obvs from what I’ve just said about the foundation, this combo wasn’t a winner for me but when I used it with my YSL All Hours foundation (full review here) it was a match made in heaven. It’s not mattifying but when paired with a mattifying foundation it adds a luminosity and keeps the foundation from looking dry. I have even used this primer on its own to just even out my skin and make it look naturally healthy. I love it!!

Becca Liquid Crystal Glow Gloss in Opal x Jade | £18 | available here

Becca Liquid Crystal Glow Gloss in Opal x Jade Swatch

If you follow me on Instagram (I say it every time but… if you don’t, what are you waiting for?!) you may have seen a Boomerang of this on my Insta Stories and me professing my undying love for it. I’ve really fallen for glosses in the last few months and this has just added to my obsession. It’s super shiny and glittery with no graininess to it at all. This shade does have a green shift to it, and you can see it on the lips but it’s not too out there if you prefer something more neutral. It just looks absolutely beautiful. I definitely want to try more of these ASAP.

Becca Under Eye Brightening Corrector | £24 | available here

Becca Under Eye Brightening Corrector Swatch Light Medium

I hadn’t seen the full price of this until putting this post together, but all I’ll say is woah. I don’t love this product at all, yet I don’t hate it. It does a decent amount of colour correction, I’ll give it that. But it feels so greasy that it makes my under eyes crease like a mofo especially when I put another concealer on top. It’s quite thin and light, so it doesn’t feel heavy when used with another concealer but it’s just greasy. So £24 for this little pot is a bit ridiculous to me I’m afraid.

Becca Mini Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Highlighter in Vanilla Quartz | £15 | available here

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Vanilla Quartz Swatch

Last but by no means least, a dinky little highlighter. I have a full sized Champagne Pop from Becca which I adore but I’m always saying that you only need such a tiny amount that I will probably never use up a whole pan. So these miniatures are awesome. I might pick up Moonstone and Opal as they’re two I’ve been eyeing for quite some time. Vanilla Quartz isn’t a shade I’d heard of until I bought this bundle but it’s really gorgeous. It’s described as buttery white with a pink-gold pearl and that’s pretty spot on. I have to say it’s not as pigmented as my Champagne Pop but it still packs a punch and gives a stunning glow. It also makes a lovely simple eyeshadow.

So of the five products, three of them have become firm favourites in my collection. Although the other two don’t work amazingly for me, I will carry on using them as I think they’re definitely workable. Overall though, I’m really happy with the collection and the bloody bargain price I got them for. I highly recommend keeping your eyes peeled for more offers from QVC as they really do offer some amazing bargains.

Have you tried any of these products? What else do you like from Becca? Let me know in the comments below. Thank you so much for reading…

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10 thoughts on “Becca Complexion & Glow Cosmetics Collection | HAUL

  1. I saw this TSV but when it was too late, it had already passed!
    Having used to work in TV shopping I was someone who was always suckered in by them but after working in telly shopping for two years I soon learnt that absolutely everything about it was total bullshit haha! Tarte, Becca and the Tili Boxes are the only things that have the power to sucker me in still!

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