Wish Makeup Pudaier Lip Liner Lip Gloss Liquid Lipstick

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It’s no secret that I love a bargain – you’ll probably have seen that in my recent mascara review series where I’ve talked about some absolute steals. I also like to try out random products from eBay and Amazon. So a friend of mine told me about the app Wish, I downloaded it and had a look. It has hundreds of makeup items, beauty accessories and tons more things but there’s not a popular brand name in sight. Now, I’m well aware that this company sells fake copies of brands like Huda Beauty, Kylie Cosmetics and Too Faced but I didn’t want to buy them as I really don’t agree with cheap knock offs. I’m all for dupes if you want to save some cash but exact copies with probably questionable ingredients is just not on IMO.

Wish Makeup Pudaier Lip Liner Lip Gloss Liquid Lipstick

After spending what felt like an entire evening scrolling through the makeup section on the app, I thought I’d play it safe and go for some lip products. I bought a pack of 12 lip liners and 2 liquid lipsticks. I was surprised at how quickly the items were delivered considering they came from China (I think). I’ve bought lots of things from China on eBay and they can take bloody ages. These were here in about half the time I’d usually expect.

Wish Makeup Pudaier Lip Liner Lip Gloss Liquid Lipstick

The lip liners are nothing special to look at – they’re just pencils. The colour coding band at the end of each pencil is only a rough guide to the actual shade. The shade range itself, as you’ll see in the swatches below, isn’t particularly varied. There’s a few pink / purple shades which look very similar and a random bright orange thrown in – which I’m not sure I’ll be reaching for too often.

One of the pencils came with the nib broken off so I thought it had broken in transit but actually the nib was nowhere to be found so I wonder if it was already damaged before it was dispatched. It did sharpen well though. The formula is quite hard, they’re not creamy at all. This does mean they can be quite scratchy to apply but I warm them up on my hand quickly first and this does help a little. Their longevity on the lips is surprisingly good – but then I’ve often found this with the harder formula lip liners, so maybe that’s the price you pay. After all, pain is beauty.

The whole pack of lip liners cost only £3 (available here) so if you’re looking to add some shades to your collection then it’s definitely worth it at that price.

Wish Makeup Pudaier Lip Liner Lip Gloss Liquid Lipstick

I was also sucked in by the perfect lip swatches for the liquid lipsticks (which were confusingly advertised as matte velvet lip glosses, which sounds like a bit of a contradiction to me). I read some reviews for these and they were all very positive so I picked a couple of shades I knew I’d like and hoped that they would be the same in real life.

Wish Makeup Pudaier Lip Liner Lip Gloss Liquid Lipstick

The packaging of the liquid lipsticks is quite cute – they’re small and sleek. The applicator is also small so makes it easy to get a clean lip line. The formula is shockingly really, really good. They dry down quickly and that’s it, they’re not going anywhere. They can be a touch on the side of too dry but a decent hydrating lip balm underneath works wonders. For £1 each (available here) I’m impressed and I’ve got my eye on a few more shades.

Wish Makeup Pudaier Lip Liner Lip Gloss Liquid Lipstick

While I was buying from Wish, I did order some other non-makeup things, and they all arrived as promised and in good condition. So if you’ve had reservations about placing an order, I can say so far it all seems legit.

Have you ever bought anything from Wish? Or any similar type places like Ali Express or Cute (which is possibly the same company as Wish just with a different name!)? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. Thank you so much for reading…

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