Sigma Warm Neutrals Vol. 2 | REVIEW


Can I ever have too many warm eyeshadow palettes? I think not. As you will soon see in some upcoming review posts, I’m a little bit addicted! But when you find your tones and you know it’s something you’ll get the use out of, then it makes perfect sense right?!

The Sigma Warm Neutrals Volume 2 palette is £27 and is available from Beauty Bay here. I saw it a few weeks ago and kept it on my wish list for a bit before finally giving in and ordering it. While I was waiting for it to arrive, I watched some YouTube tutorials and looked at looks on Pinterest (which I pretty much do every time I order a new palette, for inspo) and started to get excited!

Sigma Warm Neutrals Vol 2 outer packaging

The palette is quite petite but has just enough of what I’d ever need to create some different eye looks. It’s what I’d call a good travelling palette as I’d reach for this if I was packing for a night / weekend / week away because it’s dinky, has a mirror and has all the shades I’d need for my signature look and its variations all in one palette.

Sigma Warm Neutrals Vol 2 outer packaging back

I’ve seen some reviews which call the packaging cheap as it’s cardboard but compared to some other cardboard palettes I’ve had, it feels a lot more sturdy. As I’ve already mentioned, it has a mirror and it’s a decent one at that. So I do disagree with those naysayers. I also love when palettes have the shade names around the pans – you know, for when you’re doing your makeup and go into YouTuber mode “I’m now going to take Toasty and run it through my crease.” Does anyone else do that, or is it just me?! Each pan has Sigma stamped into it, which is also a nice touch.

Sigma Warm Neutrals Vol 2 pans

This is the first time I’ve tried Sigma eyeshadows and I have been really liking the formula, although it’s not my favourite. The shadows are pigmented and smooth. They do kick up a little when you dip your brush in and they do give some fallout. I will say some of the shadows are not the easiest to blend out (particularly Rogue, which isn’t uncommon for reds) but as long as you use a good eyeshadow base, you’re patient and have some reliable blending brushes, it will look seamless eventually. Don’t get me wrong, they’re no ABH Subculture palette certain eyeshadow palette which everyone read to filth not so long ago, but they’re not one and done shadows.

The matte shadows are not chalky and are buildable to increase depth and intensity. I have zero complaints about the shimmers as they are creamy and show up nicely dry or wet. There is one shade (Fool’s Gold) which is more glittery than shimmer and I will say the swatches online are a little deceptive. You’d think it’s going to be a fully opaque green / gold glitter but it’s quite sheer and a little chunky. When I’ve used this one, I’ve treated it like a glitter pigment and applied it with my finger on top of a glitter glue or cream base. That way I get minimal fallout and a beaut glittery effect.

Sigma Warm Neutrals Vol 2 top row swatches

Sigma Warm Neutrals Vol 2 middle row swatches

Sigma Warm Neutrals Vol 2 bottom row swatches

It might sound like I’m not that impressed with these shadows, I actually have been really enjoying using this palette. Even though I do have lots of similar palettes to this one, I have kept this one in my every day makeup bag ever since it arrived. Toasty (crease), Humble (lid) and Henna (outer corner) have been my jam for a simple day time eye look. 

Price-wise, I think £27 is not that bad in the grand scheme of things. Yes, it’s a small palette but if you compare it to the likes of Anastasia, Urban Decay or Too Faced (which are all around the £40 mark) it’s a lot less expensive. Particularly if you compare the Sigma palette with an Urban Decay Naked palette, both have 12 shadows, but the Sigma palette is £12.50 cheaper.

If you’re a real makeup lover looking to add another warm eyeshadow palette to your collection, I would definitely recommend checking this palette out. If you’re a casual, simple makeup lover it’s a good option if you want a special occasion palette or you want to treat yo’self but not go crazy!

Have you got this, or any other Sigma palette? Or are you tempted to buy? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. Thank you so much for reading…

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