Jeffree Star Blood Sugar Palette review and swatches

Jeffree Star Blood Sugar Palette | REVIEW


I’m thinking of changing my blog name to The Eyeshadow Palette Reviewer as that’s all I seem to be doing at the minute (and I still have a couple more to go!). Let me know if you’re absolutely sick of them and I’ll hold off for a while. Today I’m reviewing the Jeffree Star Blood Sugar palette…

Jeffree Star Blood Sugar Palette review and swatches

I don’t think I’ve been as excited about the launch of a palette as I was for this one in a long time. I remember watching Jeffree’s reveal video and thinking ‘damn, I NEED that palette.’ Straight away I was @’ing Beauty Bay to find out if it was one we’d be blessed with and I got the usual response of ‘we’re working with the brand on stocking this’ so I was left hoping. Then the email came out for pre-orders and I was in there like swimwear. Then I saw a lot of angry tweets from people saying ‘why haven’t you given an expected delivery date’ and ‘you can’t just take our money without saying when it’s going to be sent out’. Honestly, in all the hurry to pre-order I hadn’t even thought about that, but to be fair BB made it very clear it was a pre-order, people just love to have a moan. I think from pre-order to delivery was only a couple of weeks, so I was happy enough.

Jeffree Star Blood Sugar Palette review and swatches

First things first, the packaging. I think this is my favourite packaging of any palette I own. It makes me feel so nostalgic because it’s in a sleeve like an old VHS video tape. It also has little clasps on the front which remind me of a travel chess set my parents had at their house when I was a kid – the packaging even feels and smells the same strangely. One thing that irks me slightly is that once the clasps are open, it’s quite difficult to open as the lid is quite tight but it might loosen over time and at least I know it’s not flimsy.

Jeffree Star Blood Sugar Palette review and swatches

Each pan has the JS logo on it, except for the two bottom corners. One has a syringe and one has the caduceus symbol of medicine, which is a nice touch. JS palettes usually have 10 larger pans but this one has 18 slightly smaller pans which personally I prefer as it’s rare that I’ll hit pan in a palette so bigger pans aren’t much of a big deal to me.

The shade range is mainly pink / red / purple toned overall, which fits well with it being part of his Love Sick collection that launched around Valentines Day. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, I’m all about a warm eyeshadow palette. I feel like people might see this palette as quite garish and intimidating, but if you cover up Cavity, Root Canal and Prick it’s actually very wearable. This is a palette which makes me want to step a toe out of my comfort zone and go for something a bit more bold whilst still being wearable.

Jeffree Star Blood Sugar Palette review and swatches

Glucose – Bright white matte

Candy Floss – Pinky lilac glitter

Prick – Bright red orange matte

Jeffree Star Blood Sugar Palette review and swatches

Sugarcane – Powder pink matte

Tongue Pop – Salmon pink matte

Cherry Soda – True red matte

Jeffree Star Blood Sugar Palette review and swatches

Cake Mix – Soft orange brown matte

Sweetener – Peachy pink gold glitter

Fresh Meat – Berry red matte

Jeffree Star Blood Sugar Palette review and swatches

Ouch – Camel yellow brown matte

Cavity – Neon pink matte

Blood Sugar – Copper red glitter

Jeffree Star Blood Sugar Palette review and swatches

Donor – Golden bronze metallic

O Positive – Mauve matte

Extraction – Deep berry purple matte

Jeffree Star Blood Sugar Palette review and swatches

Intravenous – Dark red brown matte

Root Canal – Bright purple red matte

Coma – Deep eggplant matte

I found when doing these swatches that some shades stained my finger (Fresh Meat, Cherry Soda and Extraction). It was mainly the red / burgundy shades, and I don’t think this is uncommon with these types of shades due to the pigments involved in making them. I had a play around with those shades on my eyes and they were easy to remove with my oil cleanser, so fear not, you won’t be walking around looking like you’ve got pink eye!

All the eyeshadows are ridiculously pigmented, a tiny tap into the pan gets a lot on your brush without lots of powdery kick up. I worried they might not blend well as they’re so soft but they blend out like a dream – seriously, some of the easiest to blend shadows I’ve ever used.

I have to give a shout out to my bae in this palette – Sweetener. It’s a peach / gold duochrome shade which looks absolutely stunning on the eyes. I’ve been using it for spotlight / halo eye looks and it makes me so happy every time I use it! I have shades similar to this in other palettes but this is my fave!

I absolutely adore this palette, I’m so happy I managed to get it when it launched. I can’t wait to create some looks with it – which I may even share on my Instagram so make sure you follow me there so you don’t miss them!

The palette is currently out of stock on Beauty Bay (sorry ’bout it) and it was priced at £46 which is up there in pricing but I think it’s worth every penny!! If it is restocked, I would highly recommend checking it out.

Did you manage to get your hands on this palette? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. Thank you so much for reading…

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7 thoughts on “Jeffree Star Blood Sugar Palette | REVIEW

  1. Those reds are insane! I totally missed the email notification that it had come in and it had sold out by the time I’d gotten around to seeing it! I’m torn on it, Whilst I love my brights and colours I wonder if I can justify it at full price for how much I’d get out of it. It might be worth me waiting out for it to come on sale! I’m so drawn to purple tones in this palette, particularly the shade Coma, such a pretty wearable plum!
    Helpless Whilst Drying

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