The Best Primers For Every Skin Type

The Best Primers For Every Skin Type | COLLECTION


I know that my blog has been pretty palette heavy lately, so today I wanted to share with you my tried and true primers for any skin type – or more specifically, if you’ve got oily skin, dry skin, dull skin, stubborn pores or redness… I’ve got you boo.

The Best Primers For Every Skin Type

If you want to mattify oily skin, try the…

Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer Light | £26 | available here*

I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve mentioned this primer on my blog. It’s my ultimate holy grail primer as it’s the only one I’ve tried which can 100% keep my skin matte all day and prolong the wear of any foundation I use on top of it. Plus, a little goes a very long way. I’ve had my tube for way longer than I should ages and I’ve still got loads left. It feels really light (clue’s in the name) and cooling when you apply it and doesn’t leave skin feeling tight like some mattifying primers. It also doesn’t dry skin out or ball up with any foundation. I have absolutely nothing bad to say about this primer.


If you want to hydrate dry skin, try the…

Glossier Priming Moisturizer | £18 (get 10% off by using this link*)| available here

This is a primer / skincare hybrid and it’s awesome. Whenever I have the slightest hint of dryness, I’ll use this as a one step in place of separate primer and moisturiser. It is super hydrating and foundation glides on top perfectly. It has a slight tackiness to it which I feel really grabs hold of makeup to make it last all day.


If you want to illuminate dull skin, try the…

Becca Backlight Priming Filter | £32 | available here

You might remember me singing the praises of this primer not so long ago here as it makes skin look gloriously luminous. It creates a gorgeous sheen to the skin that doesn’t look oily, just glowing. Because I have oily skin, I like to use this with my matte foundations to stop my skin looking flat. Although it’s not known for it’s oil controlling properties, I find it does an amazing job all the same. A new favourite in my primer collection!

An honourable mention goes to the Niod Photography Fluid Opacity 12% (mentioned in this post).


If you want to blur stubborn pores, try the…

Revolution Pro Pore Primer | £7 | available here*

This is a very recent discovery for me (like a week recent) and I’ve fallen hard for it. My pores have never really bothered me, but for years I’ve tried to find something that actually makes a difference at blurring them slightly. One which stands out is the Benefit Porefessional which is supposed to be THE ONE. Sorry, but it doesn’t do sh*t to my pores. I’d just kind of settled for the fact that I just have to live with my pores… until now. I picked up the new Revolution Pro Pore Primer by chance and it’s bloody magical. It’s a pink / peach toned thick primer which instantly blurs and fills pores. Other makeup glides over top beautifully too. No matter what other primers I use, I will now always use this on my problem areas. I also use this on no makeup days as it smooths out my skin really nicely.

An honourable mention goes to the Touch In Sol No Poreblem Primer (full review coming soon).


If you want to disguise redness, try the…

L’Oreal Infallible Anti Redness Primer | £8.99 (currently £6.25) | available here*

For some reason, the skin on my chubby hamster cheeks can be quite sensitive, and they’re often red after cleansing and applying any skin care. When it gets really bad, my usual primers don’t help and it takes a lot of layering of foundation and concealer to disguise it. When colour correcting became such a big trend, I tried loads of green concealers but they all seemed to cake up and make me look worse. I also tried a green primer from NYX but it was so greasy that it also made me skin look like garbage. I’d given up hope until I saw the new L’Oreal Primer Shots and thought I’d give it one last go. This primer is flipping awesome. It’s very thin and watery, which I didn’t think would bode well, but it blends out really nicely while still keeping the green tint which completely neutralises the redness. It also has a glittery shimmer to it, which I thought was completely pointless but it adds some radiance when foundation is applied on top. I am so happy I’ve found this primer as now I wouldn’t be without it. I definitely need to try some more from the L’Oreal Primer Shots range now.


So I hope that’s been of some help to you. There’s so many primers on the market that it can be hard to know which ones will work for you, but these are the ones I reach for in any troubleshooting scenario.

I’d love to hear if there’s any primers you always have on hand, so do let me know what your favourites are in the comments. Thank you so much for reading…

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* Post contains affiliate links and codes – which means that if you trust my recommendation enough to click and buy, I will receive a small commission. But don’t worry, I would never recommend anything which I didn’t truly love and believe in*






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    1. That’s definitely the best of you like the dewy look. I got it in the set with the jelly cleanser and balm dot com and they’re both amazing too x


      1. ohh really i have had some much after glossier but haven’t got around to actually try them but now sam very interested. ” jelly cleanser” hmm that has got my attention. thank you. i should try them and see if i can review them on my website too

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