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There’s one budget brand which I keep going back to time and time again. Revolution Beauty just kills it by dropping new products regularly which are purse friendly and high quality. When I popped into Superdrug the other day, I found myself filling my basket with new goodies so I thought I’d share the haul with you today.


I Heart Revolution Multi Liner Nudes | £5 | available here*

I’d seen a couple of people post photos of the I Heart Revolution Multi Liner Nudes on the ‘Gram but not really paid much attention to what the product actually was. I saw one in store and thought what a fun idea it is. It took me right back to school when those multicoloured pens were the must-have stationery item so I had to try this liner.

Revolution Beauty Haul

The liners themselves are actually pretty decent, although one of them has crumbled a little bit within the packaging. They are nicely pigmented and last well on the lips. The shades are all very wearable too. I can’t help but think the product is a bit more directed at teens though as I’d feel proper ridiculous whipping it out in the ladies to reapply on a day / night out.

I Heart Revolution Multi Liner Nudes swatches


Revolution Pro Regeneration Palette in Revelation| £8 | available here*

I’ve wanted to get my hands on the Huda Beauty Rose Gold eyeshadow palette since it launched, but I’ve never quite persuaded myself to part with the cash as I think it’s quite expensive and I have so many palettes that I just can’t justify it. Would be a nice birthday present though if any friends or family are reading! When I saw this dupe it was easy to justify the spend though and I’m so happy I did.

Revolution Pro Regeneration Palette in Revelation

I’ve used the palette quite a lot since buying it and I’m really impressed with how pigmented yet easy to blend the shadows are. Some of the shadows do have a bit of powder kick up when you dip your brush in, but there’s a lot of more expensive shadows which do that too so I can let it slide on this one. There’s not a single dud in this palette – I love it.

Revolution Pro Regeneration Palette - Revelation swatches

Revolution Pro Regeneration Palette - Revelation swatches

Revolution Pro Regeneration Palette - Revelation swatches


Revolution Pro Supreme Matte Lip Pigment in Affection | £4 | available here*

How much do these look like YSL liquid lipsticks? They look very sleek and expensive so I found a shade which I knew I’d wear a lot and bought it. I had such high hopes for these liquid lipsticks but unfortunately the formula is just not the one for me. It reminds me a little of the Bourjois ones which I actually hate! I don’t hate this though, I just don’t enjoy it. It is quite patchy and shows every imperfection on the lips – if you’ve got a bit of dryness, you’d better believe it’ll be on full display with this. It’s a shame, as the shade range was beaut and I would’ve liked to get a few others but I won’t be going back for more.

Revolution Beauty Haul

I Heart Revolution Unique Unicorns Lipstick in Wildflower | £4 | available here*

OK so I was drawn to the packaging of this and yes, it could be confused for kids makeup but it was cute and I wanted it! And do you know what, it looks pretty damn cute on too. It’s not as extreme on as you’d think so it just adds some dimension and sparkle. It’s comfortable and doesn’t feel gritty. I won’t be rushing out to buy the other shades but I am happy I’ve got this, the most neutral shade, in my collection.

Revolution Renaissance Lipstick Revolution Pro Eyebrow Cushion Ebony

Revolution Renaissance Lipstick in Awaken | £4 | available here*

I’ve got a couple of other shades from this range (that looks just like Charlotte Tilbury lippies) and they’ve been good ones to keep in my bag for the days when I might need to pull myself together and throw on some lipstick. Again, just like the liquid lipstick above, this shade is streaky and just makes my lips look crusty. If I exfoliate, then put a balm on, then a lip liner all over my lips, I can just about get away with it. But that’s a lot of effort for a £4 lipstick and ain’t nobody got time for that.

Revolution Affection Wildflower Awaken


Revolution Pro Eyebrow Cushion in Ebony | £5 | available here*

I realised the other day, I don’t own a liquid / pomade type brow product so when I saw the cushions I chucked one in the basket. I’d seen people using the Iconic London eyebrow cushion and it looked fairly idiot proof. I love the ashy shade of this – I can’t stand that red / orange brow tint that a lot of brows have. I had a quick play with this when I bought it and it does create a sharp Insta-brow quite easily. I do need to try it properly though.

Revolution Pro Microblading Effect Precision Eyebrow Pencil

Revolution Pro Microblading Precision Eyebrow Pencil in Ebony | £4 | available here*

I’m always looking for my new favourite skinny brow pencil, and as the Eyebrow Cushion shade of Ebony was so perfect I grabbed the matching pencil, assuming it’d be a perfect shade match. Oh it isn’t… it’s much warmer. I had to double check the label in case I’d picked up the wrong shade but nope, it’s Ebony. At the weekend, I did have my hair coloured and it’s a bit lighter and warmer so I can just about get away with this one in conjunction with my current fave Lottie London Arch Rival pencil.  Formula wise though, it’s spot on for me. It’s teeny tiny so gets right in to fill in sparseness and shape the arch and tail of my brows. But I’m still annoyed it’s a different shade to the cushion. Look at the swatches below… to be fair, neither should really be called Ebony anything as I’d imagine that should be an almost black shade.

Revolution Pro Eyebrow Cushion and Microblading Precision Eyebrow Pencil


So a mixed bag of goodies… my absolute highlight is definitely the eyeshadow palette (and I’m hoping to get a couple more from the range!). What do you think of the bits I picked up? Have you tried any of them or are you tempted now? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. Thank you so much for reading…

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* Post contains affiliate links and codes – which means that if you trust my recommendation enough to click and buy, I will receive a small commission. But don’t worry, I would never recommend anything which I didn’t truly love and believe in*




5 thoughts on “Revolution Makeup with Swatches | HAUL

  1. It’s funny how you compare your shade to the bourjois ones as I also think they’re bloody awful- the shade I have is nothing alike! It’s more leaning towards a NYX soft matte lip cream kind of texture
    I almost picked up that Huda palette dupe but I have way too many palettes still to review so I talked myself out of it… I’m glad to hear this was good though… I’ll keep it in mind for when I’ve caught up on my palette posts!


    1. You’ve convinced me to not give up on the range of liquid lipsticks, I’ll try some more before making my mind up!
      I’m pretty sure you’d love the palette but can completely relate to having too many!!


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