BH Cosmetics Weekend Festival Palette

BH Cosmetics Weekend Festival Palette


I’ve not always been the most daring when it comes to bright eyeshadow looks – except maybe when I was younger, I would love me some blue eyeshadow. But as I’ve got older, and as trends have dictated, I’ve been firmly planted within my warm, neutral eyeshadow comfort zone.

But things have changed. Now when I scroll through Instagram, there’s so many bright and colourful looks and they’ve really got me interested in playing around with colours. Kim K has brought cobalt blue eyeshadow back to the masses, and yellow eyeshadow seems to be what everyone wants on and around their eyes right now. And I am here for it.

BH Cosmetics Weekend Festival Palette

I first heard about the BH Cosmetics Weekend Festival palette when RawBeautyKristi used it in a tutorial and also compared some of the shades in it to the Kim K x Mario Palette. Since I’d been lusting after the Kim K palette but had no chance of getting my hands on it, I added the Weekend Festival palette to my wishlist. Then when it launched on Beauty Bay, I was on it immediately.

I love the packaging of this palette. Although it’s cardboard, it’s very sturdy and well made. It’s small and slimline so doesn’t take up much room in my collection. The design stands out from a mile away and makes me dream of Coachella. It has a decent sized mirror inside and has the shade names printed under each pan. Winning all around IMO.

BH Cosmetics Weekend Festival Palette

This isn’t my first BH Cosmetics eyeshadow palette, so I knew the quality of the eyeshadows would be good. But the ones I’d tried before were all neutral shades so I wasn’t quite sure how the brights would fare. Would they be patchy? Would they blend easily? I can tell you that they are very pigmented, have minimal fall out and blend out effortlessly. You’ll see from the swatches below just how pigmented they are, and they’re not patchy at all. Not one shade gave me any trouble.

BH Cosmetics Weekend Festival Palette

The shade range is stunning. If you take out the super brights, it’s actually a very usable every day palette. But the brights are just so vibrant and pretty that it’s nice to have them in the same palette as it makes it very versatile and perfect for travelling. The only shade I feel it’s missing is a matte yellow, but it’s not the end of the world as I have another new palette with one (review coming soon). My favourite shades are Kandi (shimmering coral), Wicked (shimmering purple), Solstice (shimmering red toned brown) and Palooza (matte aquamarine).

The BH Cosmetics Weekend Festival palette is just £20 and is available from Beauty Bay here. That is a bloody bargain if ever I’ve seen one. £1 per shadow? Unreal, and definitely worth every penny. If you’re wanting to try out some more daring looks, you can’t go wrong with this palette. And if you’re an eyeshadow pro, you won’t be disappointed. Either way, I would 100% recommend this palette!

I LOVE receiving comments – it makes me feel all happy and like people are actually reading my blog! So drop me a comment and let me know your thoughts on the BH Cosmetics Weekend Festival palette.

Thank you so much for reading…

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