Dose of Colors x Iluvsarahii Review & Swatches

Dose of Colors x Iluvsarahii Review & Swatches


The Dose of Colors x Iluvsarahii collection wasn’t something I felt I needed to begin with. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the look of everything but it didn’t feel like a necessity to me. Until I saw so many amazing reviews and bomb looks using everything… and then Beauty Bay announced they would be stocking it. I geared myself up for making some purchases.

Dose of Colors x Iluvsarahii Review & Swatches

Let’s talk about the extremely Instagrammable packaging shall we? Banana leaves and soft-touch blush pink? Could it be any more on trend? The palette is a nice little compact too, so very travel friendly (especially with the shades within, but I’ll come on to that). As much as I love the look of the liquid lipstick packaging, it has no shade indicator on it so if I’d bought more than one, I would have to remember which shade name is which colour – and that would probs annoy me. But since I just have the one, I ain’t mad.

Pans and Liquid Lip

Dose of Colors x Iluvsarahii Liquid Matte Lipstick in Aesthetic | £16 | available here

The shade Aesthetic is described as a burnt terracotta which is right on the money. I bought it with Autumn on my mind, so I think currently it’s a little too dark for Summer. I actually wanted all the shades but I knew I didn’t need them and now I’m having FOMO. Fresa (the red one) would have been perfect for this season, but now they’re all sold out on BB : (

Anyway, the formula of this liquid lipstick is consistent with other Dose of Colors shades I own. It’s a comfortable matte which lasts well and doesn’t become drying over time. It’s described as velvety which suggests to me that it might be thick, but the formula is thin yet opaque in one swipe with no streakiness. I do find if you layer more on top it can struggle to dry properly and feels sticky.

Dose of Colors x Iluvsarahii Eyeshadow Palette | £30 | available here

I briefly already mentioned how dinky this palette is and I love it for that. It takes up barely any space in my makeup bag and could be my go-to travel palette. It has everything I’d need… two warm mattes that I could use on a daily basis with two gorgeous neutral metallics plus that teal and a black. That being said… £30 is steeeeeep for such a small palette so I was obviously feeling spendy when I placed the order.

Here’s the official run down of the shades…

  • Poquito Mas – Pearly base with iridescent pastel peach/pink hues
  • Sunglow – Antique gold with metallic foil finish
  • Wanderlust – Matte burnt orange/brown
  • Loungy – Matte peach pink
  • Palma – Teal base with aqua/turquoise/blue reflects
  • Finders Keepers – Matte jet black with multicoloured ultra-fine glitter

Dose of Colors x Iluvsarahii Review & Swatches

These are the first DoC eyeshadows I’ve ever tried (mainly because I’ve always thought they were overpriced!) and they are pretty nice. The mattes blend really easily, they’re fairly pigmented (but not the best I’ve tried) and they aren’t powdery. The metallics are smooth and have no fallout. That teal alone is an amazing shadow, it’s very opaque on one swipe and looks beautiful with the warm mattes in the palette. But are these shadows any better than, let’s say, the BH Cosmetics ones I reviewed here? I’ve got to say no. They’re both lovely shadows to use, but I can’t see how DoC are so much more expensive. This DoC palette works out at £5 per pan whilst the BH one is £1 per pan.

As much as I’m giving it a hard time based on value, I do still love this palette and have been using it pretty much every day since I bought it. I’m going away in September and I’m already starting to think about what makeup I’m taking and I’m pretty sure this will be the only eyeshadow palette I take. I can’t wait to have a tan and some Palma on my eyes!

I do love these two products from the collection and I really do wish I’d bought some more liquid lipsticks and even one of the highlighters. I am challenging myself to post a MOTD on my Instagram using Palma so make sure you’re following me here and keep a look out for that!

Did you pick anything up from this collection? Let me know in the comments below.

Thank you so much for reading…

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