Easy Plus Size Halloween Costumes – Part 1


I flipping love Halloween. It’s always been one of my favourite holidays… what’s not to love? Sweeties, horror films, spooky things and fancy dress. I know it’s not everyone’s bag but it is most definitely mine.

Fun story… I once turned up to work in full-on fancy dress as a ventriloquist’s dummy and no one else dressed up!! I sat in the car for a good 10 minutes watching people walk through the car park in normal clothes and genuinely thought about driving home and calling in sick. In the end I scuttled up to my office where I hid for the rest of the day. I literally felt like the biggest dummy in the world.

Ventriloquist's Dummy

Anyways… being plus sized can often hold people back when it comes to fancy dress. It seems like most ready made costumes are for slim people only, particularly those who are happy to show a lot of flesh! Not to mention, when you do buy a ready made costume they’re made of cheap, scratchy fabric which should in no circumstances go anywhere near anything flammable. I much prefer to pick some inspiration and then put my own costume together from non-Halloween items. So in this post I’ll share with you some quick and easy ideas…

Billy the Saw Puppet / Ventriloquist’s Dummy 

Better start with this one, since I’ve already done both of them. The main difference in this is the makeup. For both you’d just need some black trousers or jeans and a black blazer (or for the Ventriloquist’s Dummy, you can go for something like the one below, but I went for black as I already had it). I have found a plain black one on ASOS here and a grey checked one from River Island (on ASOS) here. Both need a plain white shirt – ASOS Curve has a basic one here.


You can buy cheap red bow ties on eBay like this one here and also white gloves here. I wore black shoes for both costumes, but you can dress it up with some red heels, like these ones from ASOS, if you’re feeling fancy, or some black and white chunky shoes like these ones from Office would look good too.


Then it’s just the makeup that you need to finesse – but both are super easy! The main thing you need for Billy is white foundation or face paint (Revolution Pro do a fantastic white base here) and some red face paint for the swirly cheeks, but you could even use a red liquid lipstick, lip liner or eyeliner. You’ll also need to put heavy black eyeshadow all around your eyes, I’d recommend using a black cream base (like this ELF one) first and then setting with a black eyeshadow to make it really opaque. Don’t be afraid to be messy with this, the smudgier the better!



The Ventriloquist’s Dummy needs flawless skin, so use your favourite foundation and add a shit ton of contour. I emphasized my cheeks, nose and chin using a cool toned contour shade, like this one from Collection. Then I used a black liquid eyeliner to draw the mouth lines. Actually, I sketched it out first with a light eyebrow pencil because I wasn’t brave enough to go straight in. I also added some contour shading around these lights to make it look more realistic. I also used a white kohl liner in my waterline to make my eyes look bigger. Finish both looks with your favourite bold red lipstick, my choice for both was MAC’s Ruby Woo (available here).



These are both super easy costumes to put together. Chances are you’ll probably have the majority of pieces you need to put it together, or if you buy new pieces you’ll be able to wear them again after Halloween. Definitely let me know if you try either of these costumes, I’d love to check out some photos. Also, let me know in the comments if you have any suggestions of costumes you’d like me to put together next. I’m planning on doing about 4 more posts before Halloween so if there’s something specific you’d like to see, let me know.

Thank you so much for reading…

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