Next makeup haul

Next Makeup | HAUL


At this point probably 75% of my wardrobe is made up of purchases from Next. Their online directory and VIP sales make it so hard to resist. Plus they’re always adding new brands to their site too so it just keeps getting better. Then the other day while I was hanging around outside the changing rooms while my friend was trying on some clothes, I spotted a makeup stand which looked all rose gold and shiny. So this magpie trotted over to have a look. I’m always a little skeptical of makeup collections from non-beauty companies, but if Primark makeup has taught me anything it’s that beauty companies have some serious competition coming their way.

The first thing I saw was a highlight which I was instantly drawn to. I swatched it and it was so buttery smooth and creamy and the shade is my dream champagne gold. Then I saw an all in one palette with eyeshadows, blush, bronzer and highlight which again, swatched beautifully. Next I saw a plethora (love that word) of nude shade lip products. I was definitely tempted to buy a load of stuff, especially when I spotted the 3 for 2 stickers. But then my friend came out of the changing rooms and we left.

I’m the kind of person that will sit and think about the things I didn’t buy… until I give in and buy it! So after a couple of days I had a look on the Next website to see what they had available. I ended up ordering a lot of goodies…

Next makeup haul

Wish Makeup Pudaier Lip Liner Lip Gloss Liquid Lipstick

Wish | HAUL


It’s no secret that I love a bargain – you’ll probably have seen that in my recent mascara review series where I’ve talked about some absolute steals. I also like to try out random products from eBay and Amazon. So a friend of mine told me about the app Wish, I downloaded it and had a look. It has hundreds of makeup items, beauty accessories and tons more things but there’s not a popular brand name in sight. Now, I’m well aware that this company sells fake copies of brands like Huda Beauty, Kylie Cosmetics and Too Faced but I didn’t want to buy them as I really don’t agree with cheap knock offs. I’m all for dupes if you want to save some cash but exact copies with probably questionable ingredients is just not on IMO.

Wish Makeup Pudaier Lip Liner Lip Gloss Liquid Lipstick

Beauty Bay | HAUL


It’s safe to say that a Beauty Bay voucher is the best present you can buy me for Christmas and New Year… and my in-laws do not let me down! They kindly gave me some vouchers for Christmas which I’ve been saving for any big new launches but honestly, I got tired of waiting and instead picked out some things which I already had on my wishlist. Does anyone else get like that – the voucher burns a hole in your wallet?! This isn’t a big haul but there’s some lovely goodies here…

Anastasia Beverly Hills Mini Lipstick Artist Couture Coco Bling Stila Magnificent Metals Wonderlust

Becca Complexion & Glow Cosmetics Collection | HAUL


When I was younger, my Mum discovered QVC and she was completely hooked! I very quickly learned about new brands and just exactly what the TSV was (Today’s Special Value – basically, their deal of the day). Now I’m quite similar to my Mum so I avoid watching QVC because they could be talking about anything and if I watch it for long enough, I’ll convince myself that I need it. But QVC have also got UK exclusivity for Tarte which means I do check out their site from time to time.

I was being really sensible in January and trying not to buy any more new makeup. But then I heard that QVC’S TSV was a Becca bundle and I just had to have a look. My only real experience with Becca is on their highlighting products, both powder and liquid and I love them. So when I saw the Complexion and Glow Collection, I was intrigued. Then I saw the price…

Becca 5 Piece Complexion & Glow Cosmetics Collection

The Ordinary | HAUL


Before Glossier took over the beauty community (read my post about Glossier here), The Ordinary was the other big brand which seemed to be everywhere all at once. I did resist the hype for a very long time for a number of reasons.

  1. I wanted the hype to die down a bit and see what everyone was really interested in afterwards.
  2. I just didn’t know what everything was – the product names are too scientific for me which was intimidating. I said in my Glossier post that I like my skincare to look clinical but actually I kinda want the names to just tell me exactly what it’s doing. If I want to look at the ingredients, I can but just keep the names simple please!
  3. Once I did finally narrow down what I would want, most things were sold out.

So I waited, and actually forgot about it for it a bit. Until I received an email from Feel Unique to say that one of the products I’d initially wanted was back in stock so it prompted me to revisit the range.