Morphe x Jaclyn Hill The Vault

Morphe x Jaclyn Hill Vault | Review and Swatches


You may remember earlier this year I reviewed the Morphe x Jaclyn Hill palette (if not, refresh your memory here) and it has since become one of my favourite and most used palettes. But when Morphe and Jaclyn announced that they’d created some mini palettes containing all the shades that didn’t make it into the first palette I found myself wanting to see more. Don’t get me wrong, with all the controversy over the PR samples sent out to influencers and all the scrapped batches I was a little hesitant, but as Jaclyn started putting out videos of her creating some banging looks with them I was happy to part with my cash.

Morphe x Jaclyn Hill The Vault

I purchased the vault directly from the Morphe UK website and used Jaclyn’s affiliate code, and I know a lot of people have issues with affiliate codes but hey I’m saving a bit of cash so it’s all good for me. The Vault costs £49 (£60 if palettes bought individually) and with Jaclyn’s code I got 10% off, making it £44.10 with free shipping. Check out the palettes here.

Morphe x Jaclyn Hill The Vault

The Vault collection contains 4 palettes each housing 10 pans. The palettes are compact and have a pretty decent mirror in them. I love how the name and colour story of each palette is reflected in the corresponding flecks on the outside, so if you fancy trying a purple smoky eye you’ll know quickly which palette you need. I’m easily impressed by small details like that.

Dark Magic Palette | £15 | available here

Dark Magic

First up is the Dark Magic palette which mainly green toned – and this is the one I was most excited for as it’s unlike anything I already have. You’ll have seen in my last post, Makeup Nostalgia (read it here) that I started off my makeup journey with buckets of blue eyeshadow but I did go through a green phase when I realised it was much more complimentary on my colouring. But it’s been a long time since I revisited the green eyeshadow and this is a lot more mature than the green I used to go for. The colour story is very dark and sultry and I think the name fits this perfectly.

Dark Magic swatches

Ring The Alarm Palette | £15 | currently sold out but sign up for alerts here

Ring The Alarm

This was always going to be the most popular from the collection. Not only is Jaclyn’s signature look a warm copper eyeshadow look but it seems most other people’s is too. And so far this has been the palette I’ve used the most – especially as we transition from Summer to Autumn. I adore the mattes in this palette, they’re definitely the kind of shades I use all the time.

Ring The Alarm swatches

Bling Boss Palette | £15 | currently sold out but sign up for alerts here

Bling Boss

To be completely honest, this is the palette I didn’t think I’d use at all but the savvy shopper in me thought it’s cheaper to go for the collection than just buy the other 3 so I’m stuck with it. This is only because I hate purple eyeshadow on myself, it just makes me look like I’ve been sucker punched – not a good look. But in person, I love this palette. Aside from the very purple purple in the palette (Gem) the rest of the shades are very wearable.

Bling Boss swatches

Armed and Gorgeous Palette | £15 | available here

Armed and Gorgeous

Finally, my actual favourite of the bunch. I’m so into mustard shades in my wardrobe and I’ve been trying to master a yellow toned eyeshadow look for weeks and this palette has made it very easy. Again, this is a perfect Autumn palette and I just know I’ll be using it a lot in the next couple of months.

Armed and Gorgeous swatches

As I said at the beginning, there was a whole hoo ha about the quality of the shadows when they very first launched on PR. People were finding that the standards were inconsistent, some palettes were fine but some were difficult to blend and patchy. I was pleased to see Morphe and Jaclyn pull the product until these inconsistencies were addressed, which must have been at huge expense to Morphe.

But what was my experience? One thing I have to say is most of the shadows I’ve tried are not as pigmented as I’d have expected them to be – and you can kind of see this in the pan vs. swatches. It’s mainly the mattes which aren’t quite as opaque once you apply and start blending. This isn’t a deal breaker for me as it means I don’t have to be too careful not to go overboard. It does just take a little bit of time to build up colour, which is fine by me.

I’ve found them all very easy to blend and I haven’t noticed a ton of fall out. One other thing I noticed on Saturday was one of the metallic shades (I think it was Gilt Trip) took a lot of building up – I used both my finger tip and a flat brush which I’d spritzed with a setting spray. Even after I’d thought it looked OK, I looked again a few minutes later to find it had practically disappeared on one eye so I went back in with some more which did the trick. I’ve never found that with a shadow before. Perhaps as it’s more glittery, I could have done with a tiny bit of glitter glue on first.

Overall, I have been really enjoying the palettes but I don’t think they’re quite as good as other Morphe products I know and love. Usually Morphe shadows are creamy and pigmented but these feel a little more dry somehow. I wouldn’t even say it’s consistent with the original Morphe x Jaclyn Hill palette. I do love the concept of these palettes though and I’m not writing them off completely – I’m happy to spend a little more time finessing because the shades themselves are beautiful.

At the time of writing this, I am also waiting for my delivery of the Morphe x Jaclyn Hill brush collection and I’m wondering – how do you write a review of a brush set?! Would you guys even be interested or should I just post some pics on my Instagram? Let me know in the comments below.

Thank you so much for reading…

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Makeup Nostalgia #flashbackfriday


We’ve all heard of the #FBF trend where you share an old pic of yourself on the ‘Gram and say “How was this 10 years ago?!” or “OMG where were my brows?!”. So today, instead of sharing cringy old pics of myself, I thought I’d take a trip down memory lane and show you some of the makeup which I used to spend my Saturday job money on.

St. Michael Eyeshadow Tins

M&S Eyeshadow Palette 1M&S Eyeshadow Palette 2

The very first makeup items I remember owning were 2 St Michael (aka M&S) tin palettes. One was a classic 80s blue toned eyeshadow palette and the other was a glossy lipstick palette. They were both hand-me-downs from my older sister. I couldn’t find pictures of the exact palettes but you get the idea from the pics above. I was obsessed with a blue eyeshadow look and I remember my Dad making me take the eyeshadow off before going to school on more than one occasion!

Maybelline Great Lash Mascara

Maybelline mascara

Everyone owned this mascara didn’t they? It used to give me the clumpiest, chunkiest eyelashes ever but it was my thing. Mascara was the first makeup item I really felt like I needed. I felt like it made such a difference to my appearance, and I genuinely feel the same now. I’ve always said if I could only use one makeup item for the rest of my life it’d be mascara.

Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Foundation

Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse

Sticking with Maybelline – the first proper foundation I remember using was the Dream Matte Mousse which came in a little round pot. I just used to dig my finger in there and apply it with my hands. I can literally still feel the way it applied, like really dry and almost powdery. I’ve always had oily skin and somehow this still made my skin look and feel dry! I can’t remember the shade but I’m pretty sure it was more cool toned than I should have been wearing and probably too orange giving me that lovely mask around my jawline!

Collection 2000 Eyeshadow Trio

Collection 2000 eyeshadow trios

When I graduated from blue eyeshadow, my go to look (and the one that made me think I was the queen of eyeshadow) was using the Collection 2000 eyeshadow trio palettes, specifically the black, white and silver one. This look consisted of a black outer corner ombre-ing to silver over the lid and then to the white on my inner corner. I honestly felt so chic with this badger-inspired look. I had maybe one eyeshadow brush in my collection so it was all done with that – oh, and there was NO blending *shudder*.

The Body Shop Bronzing Pearls

BS Bronzing Pearls

So as if my face wasn’t orange enough with the Dream Matte Mousse, I then used to cover my face with bronzer. I’d get a kabuki brush and swirl it around in The Body Shop’s bronzing pearls and wouldn’t stop until I looked like a 2p coin.

Lancome Cils Booster XL

Lancome Cils Booster XL

As I mentioned, lashes were my thing. So when a friend told me about this ‘white mascara’ which you apply before your Maybelline Great Lash mascara to get the fattest, clumpiest lashes you could only dream of, I saved up my pocket money and headed to Boots. This was definitely a luxury purchase for me back in the day but it was incredible. I genuinely still have a tube in my drawer now which I bought after feeling particularly nostalgic one day. This came out before all the double ended mascaras with the primer on one end and black mascara on the other. And definitely before things like Younique and other brush on fibres. I’m standing by this one as a classic from my collection!

L’Oreal Glam Shine Lip Gloss

L'Oreal Glam Shine lip gloss

The only lip product I used to wear was a sticky, glittery lip gloss and my absolute favourite was the L’Oreal Glam Shine. I remember having a bright pink, an orange and I feel like I had a green / blue minty one! When this used to come out of the clutch on a night out, everyone would want to borrow it!

Hard Candy Nail Polish

The very last thing I wanted to remind you all of are the Hard Candy nail polishes with the gummy ring on the lid. I distinctly remember having a pastel yellow one with a fluorescent flower shaped ring which I would proudly wear on my thumb and feel like a Spice Girl. The Hard Candy line seemed to just disappear into obscurity but they were so iconic at the time. I reckon if they were to come back, they’d make a killing – especially with all the 90s throwbacks at the minute.

It’s at this point I should share some truly AWFUL flashback photos but I genuinely can’t find any that really show you the extent of my makeup artistry. But I promise, if I find any, they’ll be posted on my Instagram so make sure to follow me there so you don’t miss out!

I hope you enjoyed this trip down memory lane. I’d love to hear what your fave products were back in the day so drop me a comment below to share.

Thank you so much for reading…

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Five Favourites #1 Becca Royal Glow Rimmel Wonder'swipe NYX Sweet Cheeks LA Girl Pro Matte Erborian Bamboo Matte

Five Favourites #1


I’ve stopped posting monthly favourites posts, mainly because when I used to write them, I’d find myself having to choose new ones every month when there’d be products I probably used and enjoyed more but had already included them in previous months. So now whenever I build a collection of a few faves, I’ll write a post dedicated to them. So here’s my first ‘Five Favourites’ post…

Five Favourites #1 Becca Royal Glow Rimmel Wonder'swipe NYX Sweet Cheeks LA Girl Pro Matte Erborian Bamboo Matte

NYX Sweet Cheeks Blush Palette | £17 | available here

This palette was on my wishlist for a while but I always thought £17 for NYX was a bit steep. When I spotted it in B&M for a mere £6, I grabbed it and I have been so glad I did. First thing to mention is, these blushes are PIGMENTED! Like you just need to tap your brush lightly on the blush to get good colour pay off on the cheeks. I have been known to go a bit heavy-handed on blush so I have to use with caution – but it’s nothing a little ‘veiling’ can’t fix. PSA: Veiling is taking a translucent powder and sweeping over blush / bronzer / highlighter if you’ve gone in a bit hard. It helps to blend out and tone down any mishaps. Up until recently, blusher had pretty much fallen off my makeup routine but this palette has brought it right back onto the scene. The shades are versatile, some are matte and some add a beautiful sheen without being glittery. I still don’t know if I’d have paid full price for it but do check out your local B&M to see if they have them in stock.

NYX Sweet Cheeks Blush Palette

NYX Sweet Cheeks Blush Palette swatches

Erborian Bamboo Matte Powder Effect Cream | £21 | available here

A lot of the US YouTubers I watch talk about Erborian, but I’ve not seen much of it from the UK. I was really keen to try the CC cream but when I was browsing, this mattifying cream caught my eye. I’ve been using this as my primer and it does everything their website claims. “2-in-1 hybrid moisturiser that combines a sensation of intense hydration with a matte finish in one single step.” It doesn’t feel drying or powdery at all on application, in fact it makes skin look dewy which didn’t initially fill me with hope of a mattifying effect. “Bamboo Waterlock complex protects the skin barrier from drying out while the Bamboo powder makes an excellent natural mattifier, to leave skin shine-free and matte.” Once foundation is applied on top, it looks very natural and doesn’t look flat. It keeps excessive oil at bay all day long but allows my skin to look glowy and natural. I use this every day with my IT Cosmetics CC Cream and the two are a match made in heaven. I have been loving the way my skin looks lately with this combo – so much so that I’ll choose it over a foundation for days / evenings out.

Erborian Bamboo Matte Powder Effect Cream

Rimmel Wonder’swipe Liner & Shadow in Ballin’ | £6.99 | available here

I’m a sucker for a gimmick and when I saw the Rimmel Wonder’swipe display in Superdrug, I was swatching and swiping like a mad thing. The Wonder’swipe is a liquid eyeliner which if you smudge it out becomes a shimmery liquid eyeshadow. I haven’t used this as liquid eyeliner at all, because I’ll be honest gold eyeliner isn’t my bag. But I’ve used it tons as a shimmery eyeshadow. I just apply a thick stripe on my lid and then blend out with my finger. It doesn’t give a fully opaque shade but it gives a champagne shimmery glitter which looks really pretty.

Rimmel Wonder'swipe 2-in-1 Liner to Shadow in Ballin'

Rimmel Wonder'swipe 2-in-1 Liner to Shadow in Ballin' swatch

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Royal Glow | £30 | available here

Cult Beauty recently had the Becca Royal Glow highlighter on sale for just £18 and although this wasn’t really on my radar, I just couldn’t resist such a bargain. The shade is described as a warm golden honey infused with pink pearl so basically it’s gold with a bit of pink, yeah? I like to have a go to gold / champagne highlight and a pink toned one as they will pretty much go with any look I do – I don’t tend to reach for any silvery as it doesn’t go with my skin tone. So this hybrid of my two faves is perfect and I’ve found myself reaching for it more than any other in my collection. I’ve recently introduced 3 new highlights into my collection which generally means any current fave gets pushed to the back for a while but this has stayed within my every day makeup bag – and that is saying something. I’m so glad I made this seemingly unnecessary purchase!

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Royal Glow

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Royal Glow swatch

LA Girl PRO.Matte HD Long Wear Foundation | £10 | available here

I’m going to make a bold statement right now – this is the best foundation I’ve ever used!! Wow… I can’t believe I’ve written that. But I can’t think of another foundation which ticks as many boxes for me as this one. There are other foundations I love of course, but this is the best of the best. So why do I love it so much? The shade match is perfect – I use the shade Beige which is for fair to medium skin with warm undertones. It blends out seamlessly with a brush or a beauty sponge (or even with finger tips if I’m feeling really lazy). It gives good medium coverage which is buildable to full without ever looking cakey. With one light layer it honestly feels like I have nothing more than a BB cream on my skin. It is matte but it doesn’t look flat and gives a really healthy finish to the skin. I can use it with a hydrating / glowing primer and it still holds up all day without even setting it with powder. The packaging is well made and feels expensive but it costs just £10! Everything I’d ever want from a foundation, it does and there really is nothing I don’t like about it. I’ve shared below a selfie I took when I was wearing it and I will preface by saying there is #nofilter on this photo (OK, well I did use FaceTune to whiten my horrid yellow teeth but that’s all I promise!).

LA Girl Pro Matte HD Long Wear Foundation

LA Girl Pro Matte HD Long Wear Foundation selfie


So on that cheesy selfie, that’s my Five Favourites done. Let me know in the comments what one product you’re loving the most at the minute!

Thank you so much for reading…

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Dose of Colors x Iluvsarahii Review & Swatches

Dose of Colors x Iluvsarahii Review & Swatches


The Dose of Colors x Iluvsarahii collection wasn’t something I felt I needed to begin with. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the look of everything but it didn’t feel like a necessity to me. Until I saw so many amazing reviews and bomb looks using everything… and then Beauty Bay announced they would be stocking it. I geared myself up for making some purchases.

Dose of Colors x Iluvsarahii Review & Swatches

Wet n Wild UK Haul


One of the most exciting launches of the year so far (for me anyway) has been Wet n Wild coming over to the UK… finally! Beauty Bay had a very public conscious uncoupling with Morphe and rebounded into the arms of Wet n Wild, and I’m here to offer all my support.

I received some BB vouchers for my birthday in July and decided to save them for the Wet n Wild launch. However, at this point I need to tell you of my frustrations with BB. At Christmas I received some BB vouchers (can you tell how well my family know me?!) and when I went to spend them, the transaction failed but my gift voucher amount still went down. BB are unable to reimburse the gift vouchers but were able to offer me a refund on anything I bought after that up to the value of my gift vouchers. Well… as you can imagine when Wet n Wild launched, the website was chock-a-block. I quickly got my basket loaded and went to pay with my vouchers but lo and behold, the same thing happened as before but not just once, three times!! Almost £60 worth of my vouchers were swallowed up. Yet again, I had to go back to BB and ask how they can resolve this and after A LOT of back and forth, they have said they will refund any future purchases I make. OK so the issues have been resolved in both cases but this seems like a really stupid way of doing it. So in order to use my vouchers, I need to spend more and wait to be refunded? How about just not take money when transactions fail in the first place? As much as I love BB, it has left a bitter taste in my mouth.

But what you care about is what I bought right? Well here it is…