My Most Expensive Face of the Day


I was scrolling though Twitter earlier this week and I don’t know what sparked it but I had a *ping blog post idea* moment. This hasn’t happened very often in my blogging life – I don’t consider myself to be a very innovative or creative person, I just like talking about makeup and stuff. Now, I’m not saying that this has never been done before, in fact there’s probably a tag going around but I haven’t seen any posts of this nature before so I’m going with it.

The idea is to look through my collection and put together a full face of makeup using all my most expensive products. It will be a two part series (does two constitute a series?!), with the second part coming next week. The second part will be the opposite end of the spectrum, a full face using, yep you guessed it, my least expensive products. I’m toying with the idea of doing a third part with a half and half makeup look to compare the two to see whether it’s worth spending more on certain products – now that I have seen before, but they’re more ‘a full face of dupes’ type posts.



Benefit Cheek Parade | REVIEW


Can you believe I’ve never tried a Benefit blusher or bronzer before? As a self-confessed makeup addict, I thought it was a bit shocking really. Benefit blush and bronzer boxes are cult favourites so when they launched the Cheekathon palette (last year?) I really wanted to get my hands on it. Unfortunately I never got around to purchasing it and then it seemed to be limited edition so I missed the boat.

For my birthday back in July, I got a very generous voucher for Boots from my Nain (aka Welsh grandmother). Whenever I receive a voucher or birthday money, I don’t like to waste it on lots of little bits which I could just pick up myself so I wanted to splurge on something I wouldn’t usually buy. I was just browsing online and I remembered that they sell Benefit and remembered that they had launched a new palette like the Cheekathon. One side note, did you know you can’t pay with vouchers online with Boots? How stupid is that?!  Luckily they had plenty in my local store so I went to pick one up.