Revolution Conceal and Define Tarte Shape Tape Dupe

Is It A Dupe? Tarte Shape Tape vs. Revolution Conceal & Define


I may be a bit late with this post as this dupe has been talked about for a while now but I’m sure I’ve still got some readers who’d like to see a side by side comparison and review of two of the current most talked about concealers, so here it is.

Revolution Conceal and Define Tarte Shape Tape Dupe

Cast your mind back to 2016 when the Tarte Shape Tape concealer was released and the beauty community went crazy for it. It didn’t release in the UK straight away but then QVC graced us with it a few months later. Then probably a year later, Revolution (official dupe masters) released the Conceal and Define Concealer. The concept and design felt familiar. Very quickly it was hailed as Tarte Shape Tape’s younger, cheaper sibling.

Upon release, Tarte launched 11 shades which were heavily weighted towards lighter skin tones (and then launched the foundation which had all sorts of uproar for the same reason), whereas Revolution released a more acceptable 18 which were varied and widely inclusive. They have also launched more shades since bringing the total up to 25.

The Tarte Shape Tape is available from QVC here and costs £28.02 plus £3.95 postage. It’s not available on its own from QVC, it comes with the Tarte beauty sponge – which is a good sponge to be fair. The Revolution Conceal and Define is a lot more accessible for us here in the UK, you can buy it from Superdrug in-store and online here and it costs just £4. You can also buy direct from the Revolution Beauty website here. I find that in-store most shades are either sold out or have been opened (why are Superdrug shoppers so annoying?!) so now that I know my shades, I buy online.

There is a big difference in quantities – you get 10ml of product in the Tarte tube and just 4ml in the Revolution one. I find I need a lot less of the Tarte one so it has lasted me absolutely ages, however with daily use of the Revolution one I have repurchased several times over. Revolution have just launched a supersized version of their concealer which contains over 3 times more product (13ml) so I will definitely be buying that one next time I need to repurchase. The supersize one retails for just £7 and is available here.

The Tarte packaging was quite unusual for a concealer. It comes in a thicker tube with a chunky doe foot applicator. It has definitely inspired more brands launching concealer since then. One thing I’ll say about the packaging is that it can get messy! The applicator picks up a lot of product which doesn’t get scraped off as it’s pulled out of the tube. The Revolution packaging is pretty similar, but is quite a bit shorter. The applicator is also bigger than most concealers but also can get messy just like the Tarte one. Another thing that the Revolution one does, and I’ll struggle to explain this so bear with me, is that when you put the applicator back in the tube, if you don’t twist it to close it straight away it pops back up and I always end up getting concealer all over my fingers! Does that make sense? It irks me.

Both concealers are praised for being super full coverage and I would definitely agree with that. I’ve mentioned my under eye dark circles a number of times and I know I can always rely on both concealers to cover them up better than most others. I would say the Tarte concealer is a lot thicker so it’s easy to go overboard and end up looking a bit dry. I find the Revolution one a little less thick and less drying. Of the two, I never need to set the Tarte concealer with powder as it doesn’t really crease on me but I usually set the Revolution one as it can crease.

I have two shades each of the Tarte and Revolution concealers – and they are all very comparable. From Tarte I use Light-Medium for spot concealing and every day under eye concealing, then I use Light for highlighting when I’m going full glam. I have the same type of shades from Revolution – C5 is my every day shade and C6 is my highlighting shade. I do find it odd that C6 is lighter than C5 when the shade range tends to get deeper as the numbers go up so be aware of that when buying online – there are lots of swatches on t’internet that will help if you’re unsure.

Revolution Conceal and Define Tarte Shape Tape Dupe

I find that both last really well throughout the day, and have found no difference in that area. As I said, I don’t set the Tarte one and it still lasts really well without setting. Sometimes I do skip setting the Revolution one if I’m literally just wearing concealer with no other base makeup just to keep it looking more natural and although it creases a little, it doesn’t fade away.

I’ve spent a long time using both of these concealers and I would 100% agree that the Revolution Conceal and Define Concealer is a solid dupe for the Tarte Shape Tape. Although I love the Tarte Shape Tape, I will probably forever repurchase the Revolution one and may not rush to replace my Tarte when I run out. Particularly with the ease of sourcing the Revolution one over the Tarte, and obviously the huge price difference!

Woah, that felt like a long post – so if you’ve stuck around this far… well done!! I’d love to hear your thoughts on this dupe so do leave me a comment below.

Thank you so much for reading…

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Essence Camouflage Full Coverage Concealer | REVIEW


While everyone is talking about the Tarte Shape Tape Concealer and its dupe the Makeup Revolution Conceal and Define Concealers, I wanted to try another concealer which I’d heard lots of good things about – the Essence Camouflage Full Coverage Concealer.

Essence Camouflage Full Coverage Concealer

Essence Camouflage Full Coverage Concealer | £2.50 | available here

Now my under eye circles aren’t the easiest to cover – they’re quite dark purple-red and at 32 years old, I do have some fine lines. They can also be dry so although I want full coverage, I still need some hydration. This concealer claims to be creamy textured ✓, long-lasting ✓ and highly pigmented ✓ to provide a full yet natural looking coverage ✓✓. Sounds too good to be true, especially for that price.

I really like the packaging and wand on this concealer. You get a good amount of product (9g) which I think is slightly more than the likes of Collection Lasting Perfection and Rimmel Wake Me Up. The wand is small and slim so you can be quite precise in application – great if you like to use concealer to carve out brows or eyeliner wings.

Essence Camouflage Full Coverage Concealer

The worst things about these concealers is the shade range – it’s so bad that at the time of writing, I can only find these two shades, 05 Ivory and 10 Nude, available anywhere. I don’t know if other shades exist but I can’t find any evidence of them which is bloody ridiculous. There’s always the excuse that when products are so inexpensive the company can’t afford to develop lots of different shades but come on, two shades of light and that’s all?! I’m quite pale, and the Nude shade doesn’t really even work for me so it’s very restrictive.


The top swatch is 05 Ivory and the bottom swatch is 10 Nude.

The concealer is definitely full coverage – it almost completely cancels out my dark circles and that is saying something. So far in my life I’ve only used one which actually does a spot on job of concealing my dark circles and that’s the Tarte Shape Tape. But this comes in close. I do prefer to use the Jackie Aina technique of letting my concealer sit for a while before blending it out to get maximum coverage and that definitely helps with this concealer. The first time I used it, I tried blending out straight away and although it wasn’t bad, I could still see some discolouration underneath. But the next time, I allowed it to dry slightly before blending out which worked a charm.

I find that using a setting powder on this concealer is a little too drying for me, so I skip it altogether and I do experience some creasing, but nothing which can’t be quickly tapped out with my finger tip half way through the day.

I have also used this concealer for spot concealing which it’s fantastic for. There’s not really a great deal I can say on this, other than it covers perfectly and lasts a really long time so there’s no need to touch up.

I really can’t believe this concealer is only £2.50. I’ve gotta be honest, for that price I wasn’t expecting much but I’m very pleasantly surprised. I highly recommend checking the Essence Camouflage Full Coverage Concealers out – that’s if you can find a shade which works for you.

Have you tried this concealer? Or do you have another suggestion of a budget-friendly concealer which I need to try out next (aside from the Makeup Revolution Conceal and Define concealers – the review of them will be up soon). Let me know in the comments below. Thank you so much for reading…


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