Glam Glow Volcasmic Matte Glow Moisturiser | REVIEW


After my recent dabble in Glam Glow face masks (read the post all about those here) I’ve been keen to try more from the brand, so when I saw the Glam Glow stand in Sephora in LV last year, I had a look through what else was available. I’d seen influencers raving about the Glowstarter Mega Illuminating Moisturiser when that launched but being oily, I knew it wouldn’t be for me. So when I spotted the matte lover’s alternative, in the basket it went.

Glam Glow Volcasmic Matte Glow Moisturiser


Glam Glow Supermud Gift Set | REVIEW


Last week, my skin started to break out like crazy, particularly around my jawline. It didn’t feel like a reaction to anything, just my unhealthy lifestyle mixed with hormones seemed to explode on my face. This coincided with me hitting £50 in Boots Advantage Card points so I went online to find some luxurious skincare goodies to try and attack the blemishes.

I have wanted to try the Glam Glow masks for the longest time and thought now would be a good time to try the Supermud mask as it’s supposed to be very effective at clearing problem skin. I found the full size Supermud mask for £42 (available here) and popped it in my basket. Then as I scrolled down the page to the “Customers who viewed this also viewed” section and saw a Glam Glow Supermud Gift Set and clicked on.