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Most Worn Liquid Lipsticks | COLLECTION

Today I’m sharing with you my most worn liquid lipsticks – I’ve gathered together the ones I seem to reach for 99% of the time. Yes, I’m sure you’ll see a theme of the type of shade I tend to go for!

Liquid Lipsticks edit

Left – Right: Jeffree Star Cosmetics – I’m Shook, Kat Von D – Bow and Arrow, Stila – Patina, Huda Beauty – Cheerleader, Anastasia Beverly Hills – Kathryn, NYX – Soft Spoken, Jeffree Star Cosmetics – Calabasas

All these liquid lipsticks have something in common – the formula. Although they’re not identical, they are all on the thinner in consistency side. I’ve grown to really dislike the more moussey formula, like NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams or Bourjois Velvet Lipsticks as I don’t find they ever really dry down and tend to smudge on me. All of theses liquid lipsticks dry right down and are pretty much transfer proof. Some can be called a little too drying – in particular, I know a lot of people say the ABH liquid lipsticks are very drying, but I actually prefer them that way. As long as I use a good balm before hand, it doesn’t cause me any issues.

Liquid Lipstick swatches edit

Jeffree Star Cosmetics – I’m Shook | £16 | available here

This one is from Jeffree and Manny MUA’s collaboration from earlier this year and is described as a burnt red toned coral. It very quickly became my favourite red lip because it just felt like the perfect shade. I’ve steered clear of reds for a while because all the ones I owned tended to run cool with too much blue in them. I wore I’m Shook A LOT over the Summer. I recently bought JSC Wifey (dark brick red) from the Star Family Collection and I already know it’s my Winter equivalent.

Kat Von D – Bow and Arrow | £17 (currently £15.30) | available here

This is the only one which doesn’t quite fit the colour scheme. It’s described as a fawn nude and in most of the swatches I’ve seen, it’s quite pink but on me it’s very beige / brown. I love pairing this with MAC’s Oak lip liner and wear it most of Autumn.

Stila – Patina | £16 | available here

The shade Patina is a cult favourite so when I was on a major shopping spree in Ulta last year in Orlando, I chucked one in the basket, thinking we couldn’t get it in the UK. I since found out that you can get the Stay All Day liquid lipsticks in Boots! But either way, I’m glad I picked it up. Patina is just the kind of pink-nude I go for all the time. I find it easy to wear and it goes with most makeup looks I go for. The formula on the Stila liquid lipsticks is really comfortable too.

Huda Beauty – Cheerleader | £18 | available here

Another red toned shade, this one is more muted. The staying power on the Huda Beauty Liquid Mattes is amazing. I have worn this all day and gone out for dinner and drinks and not had to reapply once! I’ve got quite a few other Huda Beauty Liquid Mattes, most are miniatures from collections but this is definitely my most worn shade.

Anastasia Beverly Hills – Kathryn | £20 | available here

First off, it’s always annoyed me that we don’t get the full ABH liquid lipstick range in the UK but I’m super late to the party (as per usual) and found that you can buy direct from the ABH UK website. That’s dangerous, as I’ll probably have to buy a lot more of their liquid lipsticks now. As I said already, some people find these too drying but I always make sure my lips are properly hydrated before using them and they’re fine. Kathryn is described as a brown berry.

NYX – Soft Spoken | £7 | available here

This one dries down to a much darker shade than I thought it would when I first swatched it in store. It’s definitely one for Autumn / Winter. The cheapest one of the bunch, is probably the only one I’d say is aaaalllllmost too drying on me. But again, although drying, it’s very long lasting. The Liquid Suede range by NYX has some more unusual shades which is nice to see. There’s a grey called Stone Fox which I’m always drawn to but never commit to buying as I’m not brave enough!

Jeffree Star Cosmetics – Calabasas | £16 | limited edition, out of stock

Sorry to end on one that it doesn’t seem you can get any more but I just had to share it as it’s been another big time fave of mine over the Summer. Basically, when I wasn’t wearing I’m Shook, I was wearing Calabasas. It’s a matte rosy red but it doesn’t pull red on me, more dark pink rose. Seeing the swatches above, it definitely looks almost the same as I’m Shook – oops! I posted my collection of JSC Velour Liquid Lipsticks on Instagram the other day (head on over if you missed it) and confessed that it’s my absolute fave formula.

Which one is your favourite of my picks? And what is your fave formula and shade from your own collection? Let me know in the comments below.

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Kat Von D Alchemist Palette | REVIEW

The Kat Von D Alchemist Palette aka the ‘Looks Like Nothing in the Pan but Looks Amazing When Swatched’ palette – but I guess that’s not quite as catchy. Back in July, I was lucky enough to receive some Debenhams vouchers for my birthday and I knew there was only one thing I wanted to spend them on. I can’t see it on the Debenhams website now though, so I’ve linked the KVD website here where you can see some awesome swatches (much better than mine!).

The palette cost me £25 which I actually think is very reasonable considering you can buy one highlight from some brands for that price. For something a bit special and unique, I definitely think it’s worth the money.


If you just saw this described as a highlighting palette you’d probably be quite disappointed when you see the pan size as they look much more like your usual eyeshadow pans. I had already seen some reviews before buying so I was expecting that anyway and to be honest, I’m not likely to use these shades for highlighting my face.

The packaging on this is beautiful, very holosexual yet gothic. I love it. It’s very dinky and compact but some might find the shape awkward for storing. It’s got a cute little mirror in too. It feels like really good quality, durable packaging and has a very satisfying magnet closure.


I’ve mainly been using these shades to highlight my inner corner or add an additional pop of colour over other eyeshadows. I’ve seen loads of pictures of people using this over lipstick to give a duochrome metallic look, which looks incredible but that’s not really a look I’d go for personally but it’d be good for photography if that’s what you’re into. When I have used it on my eyes, it’s lasted really well. I often find that inner corner shades seem to fade really quickly on me but that wasn’t the case with these ones.


I mean just look… how pretty?! Honestly, if I wasn’t such a hermit, I’d wear these all the time for nights out. If you’re into hitting the club you need this palette, or if you’re one of those very creative MUAs for that matter. You could create some amazing looks with this.

I did find that this is available on Sephora who do ship to the UK so if you like the look if it, definitely check it out here.

Do you like the look of this palette? Have you tried it? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section.

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